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Body Language: Creepy Joe Biden

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 schon    778
Posted (edited)

Man alive,this guy is something else.You wont believe all the strategies Creepy Joe uses to get his hands on kids! The video is long,but rather engrossing as the speaker breaks down his moves,movement by movement.Very creepy since we talk a lot about pedo's here and what is shown.Cant say if Joe is a pedo,but I can say....I wouldnt let my kid ANYWHERE near him.just saying....

Senator James Lankford didnt put up with any touchy feely on HIS family,watch him around 19 minute mark getting in Bidens way when he starts his crap,and staring him down.Next after that is Jeff sessions.He must know Biden,watch him pull his family away from Biden and holds the little one in front of himself,no Biden feel ya up allowed by Sessions either.31:30 is good too,Warner isnt letting Uncle Joe get near his daughter.But Joe still grabs her.And 39 minutes,the creepiest of all,where he is stroking the little girl and her hair.



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 schon    778

She does a breakdown on podesta too...calls him mentally unhinged.Its 17 minutes


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