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NSC Suggests Possibility of Placing Nukes in South Korea in Response to Kim Jong Un

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 Ukshep    14,287

A report from NBC News reveals that a report presented to President Trump on North Korea included several options for dealing with Kim Jong Un’s regime, including placing nuclear weapons in South Korea or killing Kim himself to eliminate the nuclear threat.

The report by the National Security Council signals the most significant move away from the Obama administration’s policy of “strategic patience” on North Korea thus far under the Trump administration.

American forces withdrew nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula 25 years ago under the administration of George H.W. Bush. Moving them back to South Korea would mark the first deployment of nuclear warheads overseas since the fall of Russia and the end of the Cold War.


Yeh this seems like a really good idea /sarc -

This escalates the situation. Kim will not be happy!

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 apache54    3,099

The meeting with Xi and Trump was about lil Kim and I would bet since we still owe China ALL the gold we borrowed from them to save our country from the 1920's crash, and they have been asking for it for years, this will all be tied into a large deal involving lots of stuff, could even be China was offered NK to become part of China or a split between it and SK, we will just have to wait and see how it plays out and then we will know most of it!

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