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Celestial Harbinger! Planet X is close HD Images. Get Prepped while you can, April 6, 2017

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I went to Costco today.  I was fondling the batteries and overheard a conversation between two WOMEN on the next isle over.  One was trying to convince the other that Planet X is a real and present danger.  He friend was adamant that it was a hoax to sell books and survival supplies.  She really said words to the effect that the Nibiru believer was in real need of professional help. 

The smart one asked the dumb one if she had even looked at it on the internet.  The dumb one insisted she did not need to listen to propaganda and lies...that she was a lot smarter than that.  Then the smart one pulled out the old phone and showed her a few u tube pics.  ( I was sitting on the batteries by this time)   Even looking at the pics the dumb one was stalwart in her insistence that it was all done with Photoshop and camera tricks.

I really feel sorry for the ones like me who know what is about to happen but have to sit powerlessly back and watch people refuse to even study the question.  They are heading  down a very sad road.  Many will remember that they had the chance to store food and supplies  to save their children...but passed it by in arrogance and stupidity.

I quit trying several years ago and still have the reputation  of being a nutcase.  I am hardcore into wanting to see what happens next...but no one would guess it from what they can see in my home.   When the day comes and they remember I might have stocks they can use...they are finding no one home and the cupboards bare.  I will not be there to say I told you so or to feed their kids and grandkids.  It will be a slow painful death for millions who had the opportunity and refused to prepare.  Watching your loved ones die and your young begging for just a drink of water is a just punishment for the choice they made to live for the moment.

One way or the other I do not think we have much longer to wait.

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No joke. But not an earth-whacker. This is Rahu-Ketu, aka the Eclipser or Sun Eater. On rare occasions it causes eclipses when the sun and moon are both above the horizon. It is a translucent lens-like object, the same size, shape, and distance above earth's plane as the sun and moon.

Comets are the real causers which regularly insult the world, q.v., coherent catastrophism. How often? 500 to 1000 years, ballpark. History is a hoax, our existence much shorter than Darwin and the Bible purport.

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