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Guitar Doc

OtherNet, the future of freedom and social ownership.

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 Guitar Doc    1,572

If we own our own services the govt can't screw them or sell them.

I have seen people saying, "If you hate the NWO so much stop buying their products and using their services." I agree, we are making them more powerful with every cent we give them. The biggest defeat we could inflict on them is economic and involves ceasing to use their services and products.


With this in mind I have come up with OtherNet, the internet owned and controlled by it's users. Fully encrypted.

Sounds great but how much will it cost to get off the ground?

There are 5 proposals, one of which uses already existing off the shelf technology which can provide a high quality global service. The other 4 might be a lot cheaper to set up but several involve new novel technology which has to be fully investigated before it can be implemented.

The result will be an internet run by the users and not regulated by any government or authority.

This is how we win. We stop using the services of those who seek to oppress us and control our lives. We can do it for the power grid, phone networks and every service you use for your daily life. Our own gasoline stations. Instead of governments and corporations owning the world we will own those services and make them as cheap to run and use as possible for ourselves. We can defeat the corporations and their cartels by refusing to use them and implementing our own services.


Later in the year after some preliminary research and investigation and testing I will be launching this project to be crowd funded by those who desire it. Full cost will be projected along with all the associated costs across all the possible formats. The people will decide what they want and take their future into their own hands.

There will be employees needed to make the network run and keep it running, hardware and software engineers who need to be not connected with any govt or intelligence agency. Their wages will have to be paid. The Cube sats themselves and the launching of those cube-sats (very cheap now, 8-12 million to put 10+ cube sats up through an NZ company) if the orthodox method is employed. When you look at it, it is very cheap to run and launch.


This is the future of asset ownership. We own it and take it out of the hands of governments and corporations.

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 Guitar Doc    1,572

The Idea behind it came from something which happened in NZ last year.

NZ has state owed assets. My grandparents helped create those assets and their taxes paid for them to exist. They didn't build them for the government, they built them for the people. NZ is a common mans nation. Built by common people for each other. It wasn't worthy of foreign investment so we built it all ourselves. We were proud of it, we owned our own utilities and hospitals and we ran them at a discount to make everyone's life as easy as possible. NZ didn't pay anything like world wages, so to give people disposable income the everyday costs were kept to a minimum and employers could afford to not have to pay big wages.

In those days it was 2.7 million people keeping the whole nation together on a shoestring. Then came 1987, the banks tried to foreclose and we were forced to sell our profitable state assets. How rude, to make a govt sell it's money making branches and leave them with the ones which have huge costs and no means to pay for them. It made a lot of NZers very cross to see what their ancestors had built being sold to people who were going to use it to extract the maximum amount of profit out it they could. This is what always happens when private enterprise is allowed to run utilities rather than taxpayers.

Nearly a decade ago the NZ govt wanted to raise some more cash. They sold 49% of some NZ assets to foreign investors, who immediately demanded the prices be raised. Made people angry again, but they felt they could do nothing about it. They were wrong, but only a few people saw what we should have done.

2016, one of NZ's beaches, which had been sold to private people and had been closed to the public as a result, was up for auction. Up stepped two men with a vision for the future of common owned assets to protect them from being sold ever again.   

Their idea was simple NZers buy the beach for all NZers to use if they desired. A crowdfunding project was launched. We even conned the NZ govt to put $350,000 into it. In the end it came down to two bids and the previous owners graciously accepted the offer of the NZ bidders, 2.2 million dollars. That beach will never be able to be sold again, it was gifted to all NZers.

So why not do the same?

People complain about internet regulation and we all see where it is going. We can evade that fate, by taking our future for ourselves. We don't need to be at the whim of prices decided by corporations nor accept their ludicrous regulations. Acting as a single block we have the money to challenge all the biggest business people in the world and beat them at their own game. How they do it is robbing their competitors of their customers. I say we also do so, but not for profit. We do it for Freedom.

What happens when we start our own insurance company, one big one. It is backed by $2 our of our weekly wages. Within 12 months we have one of the largest funds in the world. Our prices will uncut everyone else because we have a constant income stream. We won't need their expensive insurance any more.

What happens when we decide to be The Bank of choice for Freedom loving people? A crypto-currency so it isn't expensive to maintain. What happens when the businesses that take our currency do better than those who do not?


Everyone see where I am going with this?

We can, as a large block, beat the bankers and businessmen at their own game by cutting off the $$$'s to them. Just what they do when they want to put a competitor out of the game.


Some people want real life solutions to where we are at, I have just offered a sample of one of them. People owned assets. Not State or Govt assets, people owned assets which service us.

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