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Hero Dog Saves Wedding Party from Female Suicide Bomber

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 Cinnamon    23,139

A female suicide bomber in Maiduguri, Nigeria, was forced to prematurely detonate her explosive vest because of the actions of one vigilant watchdog, reports the International Business Times.

The dog reportedly tackled the would-be mass murderer, who then detonated her vest before she reached her target, a wedding party.

Only the dog and the suicide bomber were hurt, and both lost their lives.



Poor doggie! :tissuespls:

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 Uncle Nobby    1,266

tales of dogs doing heroic acts to help humans have been with us from times before recorded history, and yet some humans seem to think dogs, and animals in general, have no souls. modern man could learn a thing or two from our animal friends, if only they could open their minds and their hearts.

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