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Intel Committee Democrat Says Trump Associates ‘Will Probably Go To Jail’ Over Kremlin Connections [VIDEO]

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Hmmm... better not throw rocks. I know a few Dems that need to get to know a prison cell. 

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee said Tuesday that associates of Donald Trump will “probably go to jail” over their connections to the Russian government.

Texas Rep. Jaoquin Castro made the explosive claim in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, though he declined to give specifics about why he believes jail time is in the offing for Trump advisers.

“There’s…quite a lot of smoke, the investigation is to determine if there’s a fire or not,” Castro said of the investigations into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government operatives.



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The Real Russiagate: Obama’s Stasi State — Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts

We are now in a position to see the real story behind “Russiagate.” It’s not about Russia. The real news is the Obama regime’s abuse of the government’s surveillance powers to spy on Donald Trump and other Republicans in order to build a dossier for the DNC to leak to the press in an attempt to slander or compromise Trump and throw the election to Hillary.

They’ve been caught, but we can now see that they took steps to protect themselves against this. They prepared a cover story. They pretend they were not spying on Trump, but on Russians – which only by fortuitous happenchance turned up alleged incriminating smoke against Trump.

This cover story was buttressed by the fake news story prepared by former MI6 freelancer Christopher Steele. As Whitney reports, Steele “was hired as an opposition researcher last June to dig up derogatory information on Donald Trump.” Unvetted and unverified information by so-called informants somehow found its way into U.S. intelligence agency reports. These reports were then leaked to Democrat-friendly media. This is where the crime lies. Obama regime and DNC were using these agencies for domestic political use, KGB style.

The Obama/Clinton cover story is now falling to pieces. That explains the desperation in the attack by Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, on Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to stop the exposure. Russiagate is not a Trump/Putin collusion but a domestic spy job carried out by Democrats.

Law requires Trump to arrest those responsible and to put them on trial for treason and conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States. If Trump fears to prosecute the Obama operatives within the Deep State, they will try all the harder to attack him to the point of forcing his removal or at least discrediting him and his fellow Republicans to pave the way for the 2018 elections.



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You mean connections like this.......

HUGE Connection Exposed! Podesta Company Paid One Billion Rubles from Russian Govt.


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