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 Cinnamon    27,629

Who is to blame for the current state of chaos in Iraq? An oversimplified and misguided, if not dishonest course of action would be to blame Iraqis for being the radical, death-cult worshiping fanatics they are and ignore America’s foreign policy decision-making, which led to the current situation. In turn, one could place Iraq on a travel ban list of nations that doesn’t include any of the countries that created and support al-Qaeda (and then nonsensically remove them from your revised list some weeks later).

Of course, a more honest and fruitful venture would be to examine the events that led to the current situation engulfing Iraq. As American airstrikes continue to massacre the Iraqi civilian population by the hundreds, we owe it to the Iraqi people to get to the bottom of this story. From there, we could ostensibly create a future path that might bring peace to the war-torn nation as opposed to blindly continuing the same policies Iraq has been victim to for decades.



I didn't know that. 

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 apache54    5,736
54 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Yeah, there's an old neo-con plan (that's what it's called anyway) and no matter who is president.. they keep following that same plan. 

in WAR the most used battle plan is "divide and conqueor" and since MOST people don't understand we are at war here in the states it is the government against the people and so our TWO part system is actualy just a ploy to make the people think they are TWO different secs, but in reality it is a divide and conqueor to keep the people at bay, smoke and mirrors, democrats and republicans! so the residing president does as he is told and is this case keeps bombing Iraq.

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