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The energy is Buzz Buzz Buzz!

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 Ukshep    23,182

I hate it when it gets like this. One may seem crazy but I know there are those that notice this peak moments... Rivers flows extra fast and rough. Only way to describe it. Awaiting the crescendo moment as always!

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 periclymenoides    1,486

Yeah the last 8 years have felt kind of like that.

Even when the crescendo comes it feels inadequate, like it wasn't big enough and there is more bigger to come.

Like Orlando, or Brussels airport, or St. Petersburg underground.....

It must be premonitions for first contact.  That will hit the spot.

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 Guitar Doc    1,572

I wonder if timelines are converging?


Been thinking about this since this morning. What people call the Mandela effect is timeline hopping I think. I first noticed it in 1997. I was a 2000 doomer. Nostradamus predicted the King of Terror would reign from the sky in 1997 and 9 months....but that is in the timeline I was in, then it changed in 1997 to 1999 and 7 months. I noticed, but no one else did. I think I swapped timelines.

I think it is happening rapidly now as "bad" timelines are being fled to ones with good outcomes still possible. Been in my head all morning the thought of it. Shopping day, I have been busy.


I have noticed a  lot of people noticing they have swapped timelines, Bernstein Bernstian bear universe, Rock Stars who died then died against in this timeline later than the first.


I have heard of people who ride these and take power over their own destiny by taking a piece and making a bubble from it, their own piece of the universe which can surf the rest. I don't know if it is true or someone who was telling me an entertaining story, but it was eerie for some reason. One guy told me to take notice of what happened during or after I thought I shifted timelines. Wouldn't tell me why, just said to take notice.


Are we seeing a closing of possible realities with happy endings?

It is like a colander, we are falling through the holes dodging the bad ones looking for the timelines we want to be in? It seems we have had an influx of recent years and maybe recent days. Other realities where Hilary got in it might have been destructive already.

Are people feeling a vast disturbance in other nearby realities which hasn't or won't affect ours but has caused an influx of refugees? Something I am thinking about.


I get mega headaches when something nasty comes this way I and I am not feeling it. Fuku was a mean ass headache for 24 before it happened. I'm feeling great, one of the best weeks of the year by far for me. So maybe I am good down here in the south, doesn't mean something in the northern hemisphere won't go down I suppose.



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