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NSA Is Destroying The Essence Of Humanity

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 rbear    240

Published on Jul 20, 2015
Alex Jones talks with NSA whistle blower William Binney about how the NSA with all of its surveillance is corrupting and destroying the very essence of humanity itself. 

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 


The Fusion Centers are alive and well.

Primary Fusion Centers:

Alabama Fusion Center
Alaska Information and Analysis Center
Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
Arkansas State Fusion Center
California State Threat Assessment Center
Colorado Information Analysis Center
Connecticut Intelligence Center
Delaware Information and Analysis Center
Florida Fusion Center
Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center
Hawaii Fusion Center
Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center
Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center
Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center
Iowa Intelligence Fusion Center
Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center
Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center
Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange
Maine Information and Analysis Center
Mariana Regional Fusion Center (Guam)
Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center
Massachusetts Commonwealth Fusion Center
Michigan Intelligence Operations Center
Minnesota Fusion Center
Mississippi Analysis and Information Center
Missouri Information Analysis Center
Montana Analysis & Technical Information Center
Nebraska Information Analysis Center
New Hampshire Information and Analysis Center
New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center
New Mexico All Source Intelligence Center
New York State Intelligence Center
North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center
North Dakota State and Local Information Center
Ohio Strategic Analysis and Information Center
Oklahoma Information Fusion Center
Oregon Terrorism Information Threat Assessment Network
Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center
Puerto Rico National Security State Information Center
Rhode Island State Fusion Center
South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center
South Dakota Fusion Center
Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Tennessee Fusion Center
Texas Joint Crime Information Center
U.S. Virgin Islands Fusion Center
Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center
Vermont Intelligence Center
Virginia Fusion Center
Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center (Washington, D.C.)
Washington State Fusion Center
West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center
Wisconsin Statewide Information Center

Recognized Fusion Centers:

As the Federal Government respects the authority of state governments to designate fusion centers, any designated fusion center, including major urban area fusion centers, not designated as a primary fusion center is referred to as a recognized fusion center. 
Austin Regional Intelligence Center; Austin, TX
Boston Regional Intelligence Center; Boston, MA
Central California Intelligence Center; Sacramento, CA
Central Florida Intelligence Exchange; Orlando, FL
Chicago Crime Prevention and Information Center; Chicago, IL
Cincinnati/Hamilton County Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group; Cincinnati, OH
Dallas Fusion Center; Dallas, TX
Delaware Valley Intelligence Center; Philadelphia, PA
Detroit and Southeast Michigan Information and Intelligence Center; Detroit, MI
El Paso Multi-Agency Tactical Response Information eXchange (MATRIX); El Paso, TX
Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center; Houston, TX
Kansas City Terrorism Early Warning Fusion Center; Kansas City, MO
Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center; Los Angeles, CA
Nevada Threat Analysis Center; Carson City, NV
North Central Texas Fusion Center; McKinney, TX
Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center; Cleveland, OH
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center; San Francisco, CA
Northern Virginia Regional Intelligence Center; Fairfax, VA
Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center; Orange County, CA
San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center; San Diego, CA
Southeast Florida Fusion Center; Miami, FL
Southeastern Wisconsin Threat Analysis Center; Milwaukee, WI
Southwest Texas Fusion Center; San Antonio, TX
Southwestern PA Region 13 Fusion Center; Pittsburgh, PA
St. Louis Fusion Center; St. Louis, MO
Last Published Date: June 29, 2015

I have learned some things about Fusion Centers after trying to track down a local contact number for one. Every state has at least one, but in the communities that don't have actual Fusion Centers, they still have officers who are assigned to act as Liaison with the Fusion Center. That means that now everywhere there is a cop, there is someone who can connect to all the databases through the Fusion Center. Every dam thing about them violates all sorts of laws, from local, state, and federal wiretap laws to privacy violations. This is where all of the "parallel construction" comes from, because they do all this illegal stuff to get information on people they target, and then construct a reason afterward. Sickening...

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In the end, none of this will matter, because they've already lost!
And those at the every top have always known this outcome!
Their only hope is to take as many of you down with them!
Stay strong, and look within yourself, for the one is everywhere!

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 rbear    240
 rbear    240

Fusion centers: Invading your privacy at your expense

The U.S. government has spent up to $1.4 billion of taxpayer moneysince 2003 to create “threat fusion centers” under the guise of fightingterrorism. Yet a two-year bipartisan report recently released by the U. S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has found that these “fusion centers,” operating under the control of the Department ofHomeland Security (DHS) in efforts to engage national, state and local intelligence, have not yielded any useful information to support federal counterterrorism intelligence efforts.


Here are the locations of up to 72 fusion centers in the U.S. View an interactive map here: http://publicintelligence.net/fusion-centers/
Public Intelligence
Public Intelligence

Most people who rely on print and TV news probably have never heard of fusion centers. There are as many as 72 of these facilities. 50 state-based and 22 urban centers were set up during the Bush presidency in cooperation between the DHS and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Fusion centers contain large data warehouses that collect information from all 16 US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, the military, state and local police agencies, as well as privately owned corporations and organizations. That information includes the cell phone data and emails of every American citizen. There is one of these facilities in Madison near the Dane county regional airport, at 2445 Darwin Road. (See slideshow or view an interactive map of their locations here).

According to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the DHS described its fusion centers as "one of the centerpieces of [its] counterterrorism strategy" and its database was supposed to be a central repository of known or "appropriately suspected" terrorists. In theory, local law enforcement officers, in conjunction with DHS officials, conductsurveillance and write up a report known as a Homeland Intelligence Report (HIR) for the DHS to review. If credible, the DHS would then spread the information to the larger intelligence community.

The Senate report, however, found that the fusion centers failed to uncover a single terrorist threat and only gathered information that is used for ordinary criminal investigations that local law enforcement agencies are well-capable of doing. Even DHS officials told the panel the fusion centers produce “predominantly useless information” and “a bunch of crap.”

Five centers the Senate studied spent their federal terrorism grant money on “hidden ‘shirt button’ cameras,” cell phone tracking systems and other surveillance tools. They also spent taxpayer money on things like “dozens of flat-screen TVs” and SUVs, sometimes claiming that Chevrolet Tahoes were intended to help “respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) incidents.”

Here a few more details of what the Senate report reveals:

  • A DHS intelligence officer filed a draft report about a U.S. citizen who appeared at a Muslim organization to deliver a day-long motivational talk and a lecture on positive parenting.
  • An intelligence officer decided to report on two men who were fishing at the US-Mexican border. A reviewer commented, “I…think that this should never have been nominated for production, nor passed through three reviews.”
  • A report was submitted on a motorcycle group for passing out leaflets informing members of their legal rights. A reviewer commented, "The advice given to the groups’ members is protected by the First Amendment."

And more from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which filed alawsuit against the FBI, DOJ and NSA regarding fusion centers:

  • A DHS analyst at a Wisconsin fusion center prepared a report about protesters on both sides of the abortion debate, despite the fact that no violence was expected.
  • A Texas fusion center released an intelligence bulletin that described a purported conspiracy between Muslim civil rights organizations, lobbying groups, the anti-war movement, a former U.S. Congresswoman, the U.S. Treasury Department and hip hop bands to spread Sharia law in the U.S.
  • The same month, but on the other side of the political spectrum, a Missouri Fusion Center released a report on "the modern militia movement" that claimed militia members are "usually supporters" of third-party presidential candidates like Ron Paul and Bob Barr.
  • In March 2008 the Virginia Fusion Center issued a terrorism threat assessment that described the state's universities and colleges as "nodes for radicalization" and characterized the "diversity" surrounding a Virginia military base and the state's "historically black" colleges as possible threats.

Like so many post-9/11 surveillance laws passed under the vague guise of “national security,” these fusion centers violate the civil liberties of ordinary Americans that should be guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and other laws. An entire section of the Senate report is dedicated to Privacy Act violations and the collection of information completely unrelated to any criminal or terrorist activity in the HIRs.

The Senate report and the activity of fusion centers makes it clear that these facilities are designed to spy on American citizens, invading their privacy while doing nothing to stop terrorism. With all the talk in the Presidential campaigns about frivolous spending, perhaps these worthless facilities should be addressed, instead of Medicare or Social Security.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it is reality. In fact, the one episode of “Conspiracy Theory” done by former navy SEAL and Governor Jesse Ventura that dealt with these fusion centers was refused to be aired by TruTV. In that episode he interviews a young woman from Missouri who was put on the terrorism watch list by her local fusion center for supporting Ron Paul in the Republican primary election. (See “banned” video to the left).

This is yet more evidence that America is turning from a democracy or constitutional republic into a corporate fascist state. Just look at the 14 defining characteristics of fascism and decide for yourself.



LA Times

Homeland Security and Government Affairs: Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

Constitution Project

Public Intelligence

Senate report on state and local fusion centers

American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU complaint

Conspiracy Theory – You Tube, banned episode


CONSPIRACY THEORY WITH JESSE VENTURA POLICE STATE http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x18rjih_conspiracy-theory-with-jesse-ventura-police-state_shortfilms


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 rbear    240




UPDATED FRI, DEC. 3 11:25 AM CST — This is an update on the now-confirmed bizarre cancellation of the “Police State” FEMA camp episode fromTruTV’s schedule, which is we now know is due to background pressure.

Alex Jones, a consultant to the show who appears in “Police State”, noticed three weeks ago that the episode was scheduled to air before the then-newest episode on Fridays at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST. Alex knew that encore episodes were consistently replayed over-and-over prior to brand new Friday premiere episodes, so red flags went up when it did not re-air like all the others. Now that more inconsistencies have been documented, Alex made some phone calls to get to the bottom of the matter.

This morning, Alex spoke with Gov. Jesse Ventura and discovered that he was fully aware of the fact that “Police State” had been pulled due to pressure from within the government. The former Minnesota governor and star of the show indicated that he’s not ready to make a full statement yet as he’s still investigating the details and talking with network execs. However, Ventura urged that people have a right as citizens to contact TruTV and let them know that they want to see it back on air.

Write us:
600 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Call us: 800.268.7856

Whatever the full cause of the behind-the-scenes pressure, it is clear that the government does not want audiences discussing FEMA camps and Fusion Centers or looking up H.R. 645, the bill named and read in the episode that authorizes FEMA emergency centers. Alex has done all he can to make sure the TruTV series is packed with hard-hitting facts and full of real, substantial issues. Though the show employs the dramatic techniques used throughout TV land, this is not the typical fluff. People had better understand that these are truly groundbreaking shows that are discussing damning evidence that the establishment doesn’t want sinking into the minds of a mainstream audience. Who knows if tonight’s water episode investigating lithium, uranium and fluoride being added to drinking water as a means of population control will itself even air or be replayed after the fact.

Lovers of liberty and supporters of Conspiracy Theory had better cue their DVRs and other recorders and save the episode for good, because with the censorship we’ve already seen, it is difficult to know how long this program will remain on air, or which episodes will be allowed to repeat.

December 2, 2010

Alex Jones, a consultant to TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory, can confirm that the controversial episode “Police State,” which dealt with FEMA camps and fusion centers, has been pulled from air and essentially “memory-holed” due to behind the scenes pressure.

In short, the series of inconsistencies with the re-airing and promotion for “Police State” posted by We Are Change and Federal Jack (below) is all true, and more. The episodewas de-listed from TruTV’s website, bonus clips associated with the episode were removed from the website, its encore airings were canceled and it was not played during the recent Conspiracy Theory marathon. Alex cannot elaborate further without compromising his sources, but you have heard people associated with the show discussing on the radio how certain unnamed powerful people did not want this revealing episode to air, how shadowy figures have been caught rummaging through the trash of producers for the show, and beyond.

The producers and talent for Conspiracy Theory, including former Governor Jesse Ventura, have shown a lot of courage in making their series as hard hitting as possible. With certain powers-that-be unhappy with such a substantial program airing on cable TV, supporters should treasure what they have been able to get out thus far. The very future of the series could be in question, though certainly things are still up in the air at this point. If you appreciate the content that has been on Conspiracy Theory thus far, you should do everything you can to tell your friends and associates to tune in, and make sure these dynamic episodes are seen as widely as possible.

The “Great Lakes” episode, now known as the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” airing tomorrow, Fri, Dec. 3 at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST also was nearly not aired, but made the second season schedule in the end. Producers have told the Alex Jones Show that it has expanded in scope and now deals with a number of hardcore issues including uranium, lithium, fluoride and more being added to public water supplies. Never before has such information been seen on television.

Please tune in and support this great TV program. From TruTV:

“Great Lakes” – NEW! — a.k.a. “Worldwide Water Conspiracy”
Premieres Fri, December 3 at 10P
They call it “Blue Gold.” Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it’s now a valuable commodity, and corporations and super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, controlling nations and populations. Jesse looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes.

Here’s the “Police State” Episode. Get it out to people while you can: (above dm link)

December 2, 2010

Several days ago, truTV decided to wipe clean of any mention of the bombshell “Police State” episode.

At one Time the website read:

“Police State”
Premiered Fri, November 12 at 10P
It’s been said the government has a plan to declare martial law and round up millions of United State citizens into concentration camps. Jesse may have found a conspiracy in plain sight as he investigates the proliferation of law enforcement Fusion Centers around the country. And they may be connected to hundreds of detention centers ready to accept prisoners at the stroke of a Presidential pen. TV-PG-L

Police State Episode Info Erased from truTV’s Website (Nov 25, 2010)

Police State and Alex Jones Videos Erased on truTV’s Website (Nov 25, 2010)


Police State Episode was blocked out of truTV Programming Code (Nov 26, 2010)

Police State Episode was Not Re-Aired on Nov.19th as previously scheduled.
(Popeye from FedJack.com documents this on his Youtube channel)
“Is Jesse Ventura’s Police State Episode being censored by truTV?”

update: it was also not Aired on the “Conspiracy Theory Mini-Marathon” from 9pm-12am last night either (Nov 26).

The Police State episode Was Never Referenced on truTV’sFacebook or Twitter Pages at any time. (All other episodes were)

The Police State episode was deleted from truTv’s website (episode list and video section), around the same time (Nov. 25) the “Great Lakes” episode was finally listed to air on December 3, 2010.

I said “finally” because the upcoming episode “Great Lakes” has been scheduled and re-scheduled Many times in the past and is explained more clearly in this forum thread:
(This was discovered and investigated a month ago. Many bloggers have suggested that a censorship issue might exist, but does not seem to be connected to the current issue.)

The night the “Police State” episode aired, Michael Braverman Executive producer of the show said “that he had information that there were powerful forces that wanted the show off the air”. You can hear additional comments from Mr. Braverman in the following video:

“Executive Producer Michael Braverman: Fusion Centers for American Citizens!! – Alex Jones Tv 2/2″


In linked interviews, Braverman and Tyrel Ventura (Jesse’s son and a producer in the television show) raise interesting questions about men in suits examining Mr. Ventura’s trash:

“Trutv’s Tyrel Ventura: Bombshell News of Upcoming Episode on FEMA Camps!! – Alex Jones Tv 2/2″

The “Police State” episode got amazing television viewer ratings the first and only time that it aired:

“Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura has performed strongly in its second season, with last Friday’s installment ranking among cable’s Top 5 programs for the 10 p.m. timeslot among men 18-49 (385,000). The series has also scored strong growth for its timeslot compared to the same period last year, with adults 18-49 up 49% and men 18-49 up 113%. That growth is focused in the younger portions of those demos, with adults 18-34 up 48% and men 18-34 up 94%.”

Source Link: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2010/11/23/ratings-notes-for-tbs-tnt-cartoon-network-adult-swim-and-trutv-including-conan-george-lopez-tower-prep-nba-averages-more/73228


The reason why the “Like Page” did not censor the “Police State” episode is because I Administer the page.

Remember to be polite in contact with truTV and be sure to thank them for airing the show in the first place.

My strong recommendation would be to Contact truTVask why the “Police State” episode info and videos were from their website. Ask them why they chose not to re-air it, as was scheduled to be and was done with every other episode, and if there is a possibility that it will be.

Contact truTV: http://www.trutv.com/contact

This issue is concerning to me because i feel the “Police State” episode was the most powerful and important episode to date in my opinion. A couple reasons being video confirmation and expose of FEMA Camps / Coffins, at the same time Introducing “We Are Change” and “Alex Jones” to the public, as both are heavily featured in the episode.

I would also ask them to buy Jesse an RV to travel in for the Third Season or help set up a website so fans of the show can contact jesse about different modes of transportation such as private planes and and / or help fundraise to secure his transportation for the next season if the TSA abuses continue.



The executive producer of the show included Tyrel and Jesse in saying they were all trying their hardest to keep the show on the air, and it is obvious there is a mounted resistance to this notion. We can not let these obstacles end Jesse’s career, and I know that very many people would love to see a third season.


The Police State Episode:


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