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Press briefing on NATO Exercise Trident Juncture 2015

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 Cinnamon    14,577

October and Nov 2015 conducted "mostly" in Spain, Italy and Portugal... part of the PIIGS. Hmmm. For ANY crisis. 36,000 troops from 30 nations, allies and partners of NATO. "Comprehensive approach". Biggest in over a decade. 2002 was last time with over 40K troops. Journalists are invited to the exercises. (hah journalists)



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With so much muscle flexing it's just a matter of time till someone gets hit in the eye. Then it's going to be  Operation All Hell Breaks Loose.

I think they expected the constitutionalists to act diffrently than we have over the last few years. Anyone that is ligit about preservin the country knows better though. Most obvious move in a minute. Also, the confederate flag debate was an attempt to prep people for the north american union. The american flag will be concidered a rebel flag, as will canadian, mexican, and who ever else they invite to the party. One flag to rule them all, each represented by a star on a blue field on the left (pole) side, that like the canadian and mexican, goes all the way down, from top to bottom. The center stays white ofcourse, with the bird on the mexcican flag repped on top of a maple leaf, which will really be phoenix symbolism. The red leaf being the fire. And the final bar will be green, in repping mexcio and jamaca and the like. You get the picture. And nothing happens this year. This is a government operation. It takes time. Remember, last year they bought the bullets, this year, they are practicing with those bullets. But it's not to invade america, though if they feel the need, police state (aka invasion) will be maindated for regions. Much like Jade Helm is doing now. They want a field test for the ai to run through before they do anything. That said, the great falling away is here, we see it today. Next year isn't the end either, as again, this is a government project, like Bush's wars, this movement will bleed into the next presidency, which I think will be the last US Presidency. /conjecture, nothing more.

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