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 Andrew30    5

I posted a thread about a classroom lesson about preventing STDs.

Later on that day we also talked about Scams.

I again raised my hand, and I was granted permission to give the class a heads up, just like I did before lol...


I said this to the class...

What's free in this world ?  anybody have an answer ?   what's free ?! tell me what's free !

Mike said "nothing in this world is free".... I told him,  Just remember that next time somebody tells you that something is free.

and then I said...   What Do you win by NOT playing ?  John got up and said  "you don't win when you don't play".


What Cadillac or suburban townhome is affordable to any of you people ?  nobody raised their hands...

I then said...  well then any deal other than a LOW PRICE, is a bad deal, don't get suckered into bad deals.


Then I said...  What is doing nothing worth ?  what is it worth in return when you do NOTHING ?

Mike got up and said  "Doing nothing is worth nothing".....    Then I said...  And you should remember that next time you hear about getting paid $50,000 a second for selling dollar store JUNK that YOU have not been supplied with in the first place.


Who here would Purchase an IOU ?   nobody raised their hands...  then I said...  then don't expect to SELL any either.


What do you have to do, to earn money ?   everybody raised their hands, I selected Mike.

Mike said.... go to work.


I said  "That's affirmative"  you have to go to work to earn money.


If you're doing nothing wrong.... is there a reason to be afraid of the cops ?   they all said no.

Then I said....  well then don't send your money to a scam artist accusing you of crimes....   its a scam.


If you pay your bills, will a debt collector or the IRS call you ?

they all said no.

Then I said.... then hang up the phone.


So here's the truth.

Most victims of crooks, ARE crooks themselves.

Bottom line.



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