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Rwanda indicts French generals for 1994 genocide

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 Ukshep    24,378

Late in 2016, the Rwandan government indicted several senior French Army generals for crimes against humanity, including genocide for their role in the 1994 Rwandan holocaust.

The Rwandan case against the French generals is based on the French having instigated and trained the Interhamwe paramilitary Hutu militia that was responsible for most of the killings of the minority Tutsi tribe and its supporters. This most inconvenient of facts is admitted to by the French media that are still trying to shrug off blame for the French crimes in Rwanda and deny any "smoking gun" exists.

This latest in a long series of Rwandan government exposés of the French military and Foreign Ministry's role in the 1994 mass murder (some 800,000 by most accounts) provides that very "smoking gun," for the well documented French military role in the very existence of the Interhamwe death squads is undeniable.

Who is going to believe that after creating, training and paying the salaries of the leadership, the French had no idea the Interhamwe ethnic death squads were going to carry out what they were broadcasting so rabidly? It goes further, for the evidence shows the French were actually behind the mass murder in just another storm of massacre and mayhem that typifies neocolonial French Africa.


Just goes to show. Even if you think you got away with it. You might not have! It can always come back to bite you!

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 kbet    844

I was going to write something, had it half written, then investigated the matter further, and there is a glaring hole in your post and the Rwanda accusations:

They are not the worst of it.

During the middle of the genocide, when highly trained diaspora Tutsi paramilitary forces(organized to end the genocide), attempted to invade Rwanda,the French air lifted a ton of military hardware to Rwanda to help the Hutu, prolonging the genocide, until the Tutsi paramilitary force won.

I was originally going to write, how "well, the french gave support before the genocide happened....", but then I dug deeper, and yeah... wow.

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