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Rare circumhorizontal arc 'fire rainbow' captured over Peru

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 Ukshep    20,111

An incredible 'rainbow of fire' cloud has been snapped by astonished bystanders who claimed it looked like Hell had 'split open'.

The phenomenon was spotted by citizens in the early hours of the morning in Patapo, in the Peruvian city of Chiclayo.

Despite the visual spectacle actually being formed of ice-crystals refracting sunlight at a certain angle, villagers joked that it was the onset of a biblical Apocalypse.

Villagers shared photos of the rare cloud on social media, where they went viral.

In footage of the rare phenomenon, one onlooker says: 'Good afternoon, right now we are seeing a rare yellow line in the sky, and people are a bit scared.

'The rainbow appeared in the early hours of this morning. It appears to be a cloud with a colour similar to yellow.'

Netizens joked that it was the biblical Apocalypse.


And I even found the picture for you all!


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 Siddrix    1,032

I have to say that looks amazing...   like fire dragon in the sky...

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