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Funds Being Raised for Real-Life “Jurassic Park”

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 Ukshep    19,871

Ah, “Jurassic Park”: home of tyrannosaurs, brontosauruses, velociraptors, Newman from “Seinfeld,” a weird Unix computer with a 3D file system, and plot holes the size of … well, Newman from “Seinfeld.” It’s still one of my favorite childhood movies, but surely it can’t be replicated in real life — right?

Not so fast, says a father-and-son team from Siberia. No, they can’t clone dinosaurs, but they plan on bringing back another extinct animal from long ago: the woolly mammoth.

According to The U.K. Sun, Sergey and Nikita Zimonv have been trying to get their “Pleistocene Park” off the ground, providing a home for the extinct woolly mammoth in its former steppe ecosystem.


Yall ready for mammoth steaks??

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