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Guitar Doc

Donald Trump buys in the Bad Times!

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 Guitar Doc    1,572

Just been re-watching the documentary series The Men who built America fleshing out better details for the Who is Deep State post I am writing.

It has lots of quotes from DJ Trump. Very interesting, he always talks about winning and never quitting, saying those with the idea who never quit were the winners in the end.

It just got to the Panic of 1873 which caused a mass depression which could all be laid at the feet of JD Rockefeller when he pulled the rug out from the railways industries by inventing pipelines. He was their biggest customer and the railways were the most powerful entity in the USA at the time, mainly owned by Vanderbilt and Tom Scott. By ending his use of the Railways to transport Oil to the refineries he took so much of their business their stockholders sold up shares fast. 167 railroad went out of business nearly overnight causing mass unemployment. This affected all US retail industries as no one had money to buy anything. These are the sorts of thing that happen to the little people when Capitalists go to war with each other.


JD Rockefeller caused the 1873 depression. He also helped caused the other ones but that is a different story.

He did it on purpose without a doubt as during a depression everything is for sale and very cheap. He already had created he first monopoly in the USA, then he sought more and he had money, lots of it while everyone else needed it because they owed the banks so much money. Their companies had been formed on speculation of profits which the banks agreed to loan against. When those profits ceased, their loans were recalled over night. JD Rockefeller got a lot of assets for  bargain prices.

Then came the Quote from DJ Trump.

"I make more money buying in a bad market than I do a good.

Somethings aren't for sale in a good market.

So in most sales you either pay exorbitant prices or peanuts."

"There is more opportunity in a bad market than there is a good one"

DJ Trump Real Estate Mogul

I nearly fell off my chair.


You see there are two distinct players, investors and bankers. They make their money by riding the bubbles. The Captains of Industry create the bubbles. When it crashes they have already positioned themselves to sweep the board of assets. This is the playbook they use. Question is, are we in a building phase (creating bubbles) or a collecting phase? Or is it more like which bubbles are we popping and which bubbles are we inflating. The insiders get the information well ahead of time at meetings like Builderburg.


Deep State is US business. US business competes with itself for personal and always has done. Who gets to own what is your status. You demonstrate this with the amount of buildings, golf courses and business with your name on them. No other President has ever played at his own golf course before they he bought with his own money. This is a game to Trump, he isn't competing with Politicians, he is competing with his peers, the US business community. They are competing back, this is what we are seeing played out on the US media every night. Their Game, look at how they play. The politicians are just pieces to be moved and positioned with no real power in the game but what is given to them by the Business Community who has always had them in their pocket from the moment they were for sale. In some cases thy funded their careers right from the start. Who does Hilary have lunch with to raise cash? You get the idea.


For DJ Trump this is not about running a country, it is about winning a game, a game in which you crush your competitors by killing their businesses. His competitors know this, they are playing for their business lives while he has temporary removed himself from that portion of the game. This is why it will only get more ruthless by both sides and the media and politicians will remain to be baffled as they aren't the people really playing.

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 Ronin    315
9 minutes ago, Guitar Doc said:

His competitors know this, they are playing for their business lives while he has temporary removed himself from that portion of the game.

he hasn't really. he handed it to his two sons. you'd have to be really wet behind the ears to believe they're not going to be privy to certain things.

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 dazedb42    391

Yes because Obama killing the coal industry so Soros could buy it up cheap was totally a fair thing to do.


It's just politics and don't conflate too much.

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