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Bad Brexit Deal Better Than No Deal? Mathematical Idiocy!

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 Ukshep    24,290

At the top of the list of absurd Brexit advice is the notion that a bad deal is better than no deal.

But that’s what Andrew Duff at the European Policy Center says.


Drop the Clichés

The British side should stop pretending that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. It is not. In fact, there’s really nothing worse than no deal. So it’s not a clever tactic for the UK to start off negotiations by repeating a cliché that at best nobody believes and at worst sounds mildly threatening.


Mathematical Idiocy!

The position of Duff is mathematical idiocy. The EU demands as much as €60 billion in exit fees, adherence to four principles (that the EU itself does not follow), fishing rights, etc.

Giving into those demands, or most of them, is like leaving for no reason at all.

Clearly, no deal is better.

Duff is nothing more than a staunch “Remainer” who refuses to accept reality.

€60 Billion in Exit Fees


Seen how much darn money they want?? Wonder if this will be the trigger. Europe wants money. We refuse. They come take it.... LOL! nah nevermind that sounds stupid :D


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