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Plasma Containment

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 WhiteHorse    490

Plasma Containment

Researching many theories on chemtrails I found some interesting facts on coronal mass ejections otherwise known as cme's. In 1859 the earth was hit with a cme that was so intense that the plasma caused the telegraph lines to burst into flames. If electronics existed back then every circuit on planet earth not shielded by a faraday cage would have fried. No computers, no bank accounts, no cell phones, you get the picture. In 2012 we missed a repeat of the 1859 incident by the skin of our teeth. Scientist are predicting another carrington  event at any time. Could it be that the aluminum and barium aerosol is to keep the plasma in the atmosphere and not at earth level. If the spraying was to cool the earth and since their idea came from the volcanic ash idea( volcano ash cooled a part of the earth for two years). Volcanic ash contains almost no suspended metallic particles. The earths magnetic shield has weakened considerably in the last hundred years. In the Bible it says God will destroy the earth by fire this time. Seems feasible, turn off the magnetic shield, pop a huge cme. 





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