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Marshall Roundup

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 Redlistvet    494

   A lot of talk has been going on about this JadeHelm activity and what's the push behind it is.

   I don't claim to know the answers, but I do find it very strange how the military is training "special forces" groups to work in public areas.  I've been out of the military for a while but large scale training like this is very different from how we trained in the past. I was never special forces, I worked with cargo aircraft. I know military doctrine has to change with the style of fighting that is going on and mission requirements have to change to fit the operational specifics, but using "special forces" groups over such a large area makes me wonder why.


     I came across these articles about Gen. Clark and for me a piece of the puzzle clicked into place.  It makes sense. No matter what the operation is you want to keep your troops safe.  Using quick strike teams to clear out problem people/groups is needed. 

  The question is, who are the problem people/groups and what are the quide lines to identify said people.  Also it really matters on who is setting the guide lines.

   At this point the lists have been compiled. 




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