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US Military Exercise Evokes Fears Of Martial Law

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 AnonG    25


(N.MorganSince the news of the military exercise Jade Helm hit the presses, fears have been sparked all over the nation about if this country is heading full force into Martial Law.

The conspiracy theories have been going crazy from dissidents being hauled off to FEMA Camps to state sanctioned assassinations.

Could any of this truly happen or are the majority of people so traumatized by the govt’s constant bombardment of false terror and dirty tricks, we’ve been unintentionally programmed to fear these sort of events?

Or is this a coordinated event to make the American people feel distrust towards our own military?

More with Videos http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/07/us-military-exercise-evokes-fears-of-martial-law-videos-3187436.html

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