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Frigging Fracking

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 WhiteHorse    490

Frigging Fracking

Living right in the middle of the Barnett shale area I have seen a lot of complications from the oil exploration. I had a relative who could light his water, the air bubbling out of hose would burn. Water wells that had water that smelled after drilling in close proximity .There is the " mud farming" where they take the mud used in drilling and supposedly remove the contaminants place it in big fields cover it with topsoil and leave it. Test have shown the chemicals and heavy metal are still there. I quit fishing a river because of mud farming .But the best one is fracking quakes. Numerous quakes showing up at or next to well sites. The conspiracy tie in is that they covered this fact up and even went as far as to make banning these wells illegal. Well the science has caught up to the big oil elite and pay time is on it's way. Seriously you can't fracture rock at that depth and remove the pressure that stabilizes it in the first place  without movement. I often wondered what would happen if you removed oil that was a certain viscosity inside the earth if there would be an effect on dampening and shock absorption the oil must provide. My wonder is over the earth is shaking all over from the fracturing and oil removal. They have had the technology for years to create movement without fossil fuel, to harness energy that's free all around us, well but there is that one obstacle  the mighty petrodollar. 




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