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Tim Rifat - Europe going down

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Big Yawn.  Tim has been spouting bull for a long time.  Look at this from 2002


Posted By: Rixon
Date: Saturday, 13-Apr-2002 16:07:05

The US military and the Whitehouse are planning the last phase of their world war, the destruction of the Russian Federation. In contrast to his two predecessors’, Putin worries the Pentagon; they see a leader who is pulling Russia back together, another ten years of his rule and the country could become a Superpower once again. And that is something that Britain and America, who between themselves wish to dominate the planet, cannot allow. Thus the carefully planned destruction of Afghanistan, then Iraq, followed by Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea and then with nuclear weapons China, will leave Russia totally isolated.

The Nuclear Posture Review leak shows that the Anglo American alliance will use nuclear weapons as a first option. Blatant lies about Iraq, Iran, China and North Korea using weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical weapons, will be used to justify the nuclear incineration. When in fact the chemical weapons may be released by the Anglo American alliance in order to corroborate their false claims.

Pentagon planners have formulated the war plan to destroy Russia. A massive first strike with nuclear weapons is planned, with the Western public being told that Russia started the war. A ‘civilian’ missile launch from Norway, a tactic first tested in 1995, will allow NATO to detonate a super EMP warhead over Russia, destroying all electronics in European Russia. Moreover NATO has now been enlarged to Russia’s borders and with NATO and US bases in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan B2 and F117 stealth warplanes will be able to drop nuclear payloads on Russia’s nuclear silo’s and command and control centres. In addition America is developing deep earth penetrating nuclear warheads to destroy Russian underground complexes. The fact that these nuclear warheads will cause massive fallout doesn’t worry the Anglo-Americans at all: as far as they are concerned the only good Russian is a dead Russian.

While all this is going on British and American Trident submarines in the Barents Sea will fire nuclear missiles at Russian missile silos and military installations. And given their close proximity to Russia, when they launch their missiles, will mean that the Russians will have little in the way of prior warning.

Meanwhile Carrier Battle Groups in the Black Sea and to the west of Japan will launch (with Los Angeles submarines adding nuclear tipped cruise missiles) a systematic destruction of Russian forces outside the Moscow, St Petersburg sphere. Simultaneously Aurora hypersonic aircraft would drop super EMP weapons over Siberia. Whilst space based nuclear weapons would rain destruction on Russia, again with little in the way of prior warning; followed by hundreds of US silo launched, air launched nuclear cruise missiles from B52’s and B1’s, as converted Boeing 747 ‘arsenal’ planes hit every other Russian target – including every major city. For the plan is to kill the majority of Russians as the country’s real wealth lies not in its people but in its minerals and oil, at least that is the way the Transnationals see it. As the country’s wealth can then go to the Transnationals and their owners: the Rothschild’s, the Oppenheimers and the Rockerfellers. This Jewish elite fears the Russians as they are openly anti Semitic, something that cannot be allowed in the New World Order.

What few Russian missiles are launched can be shot down by Boeing 747 laser ‘battleship’ airplanes, intercepted by satellite based SDI, or hit with land and sea based SDI anti-missiles armed with ‘plasma’ warheads. Damage to the USA will be minimal whilst Russian casualties will be 90% or more. With Russia destroyed America and their British allies will have no real opposition in their plans to dominate the planet.

Russia can thus expect a nuclear first strike within the next few years.

The meeting in May between GW Bush and Putin to discuss nuclear arms reduction will discuss plans to reduces the number of Russian ICBM’s from 6000 to 1700 – a reduction that will make a massive first strike even easier. With fewer warheads there will be fewer targets and US analysts estimate that less than fifty Russian ICBM’s would survive the planned first strike. SDI would then have a manageable number of ICBM’s to intercept. Boeing 747 laser platforms destroying most if not all on their lift off – the ICBM’s radiating distinctive infra red as they are launched. Those few missiles that did make it into space would then be intercepted by anti-missile missiles and satellite borne kinetic weapons (Brilliant Pebble).

Once Putin signs the arms reduction treaty Russia’s fate is sealed. The Anglo-American alliance sees Russia as the only credible threat to their drive for world domination – a threat they mean to end once and for all.

See: E-bombs Are Coming http://timrifat.com/story.asp?item=264


Rixon -- Saturday, 13-Apr-2002 16:07:05

billym -- Saturday, 13-Apr-2002 22:34:31

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Thanks for the text article, guest.

I don't know if the big yawn is called for. A hot war may seem unlikely. Still, so much insanity is going on now, like the so-called war on terror.

Let us not forget who the cia/fbi/nsa work for: the One World Government, led by Rothschild Zionists.

Israel citizens are the bait that attracts the T-Rex of the elites' war machine.

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yes, it's Astrochik!

you like Tim Rifat?

how about this guy?


​Not really familiar with Tim.  Thanks for the link, but don't have time to listen right now.

Brother Nathanael: Entertaining!


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Bollocks. Tim's cool radio. He needs to shut-up about "cursing" people, though.

By the way — Tim's right: the zio-jezzie-scum nwo DOES want to destroy white Europe, ESPECIALLY the non-catholic countries such as: Engerland (meine land), Holland, Germany, Sweden (meine gf's land), Norway, Denmark, Finland and also USA, Canada, and Australa and New Zealand.

Thank you pope Francis! Thank you evil, fake jewish satanic zionists!


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Guest, you sound a bit like David Icke. Yikes, we don't usually see bollocks in these here parts.

So what do we see?

A sea swarming with zombie-sheeple, a saturn-worshipping pope, and a family of hissy-faced satanist elite pedophiles. 

And the citizen-slaves don't give a hoot in hell. They refuse to wake up.

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