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Video - ET Williams - Secret Service Visits The Dr. Of Common Sense At Home

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,586

Secret Service Visits The Dr. Of Common Sense At Home  

Published on Jul 15, 2015

Secret Service Visits The Dr. Of Common Sense At Home, Obama sent them!!!!

From his Facebook page -

We All have a common enemy it is your damn government. They are watching us all. They have infiltrated Social Media and they monitor our every move. The SOB's had my pics and they wanted to do a Sociological Medical check to see if I was sane. They wanted to know if I would consent. lol. Hell to the NO. They wanted to search my property. I said Hell To The NO. They want us to shut up but I would rather die than SHUT UP. Get Ready It is goin...g to get ugly. They said they could not tell me what to say but if I said certain things they would be back. I told them I had a show to do. These Bastards will visit you and I but not the damn Illegals and the radical Muslims who are here. Hell we just heard our Dear Leader signed the deal with Iran. They should visit him over that shit. What about the way we have been sold out by every lying piece of shit in office.

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