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American Vacationers Chant “Build the Wall!” From Cruise Ship…in Cancun

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 Ukshep    14,395

A group of American tourists chanted ‘build the wall’ in front of horrified Mexican honeymooners during an evening cruise in Cancun earlier this month.

The group was on board the Captain Hook Pirate Ship on March 3 along with other revelers.

They were all getting off the boat at the end of the show when they burst into the chant, shocking the other customers.


High spirits! That is what i like to see!

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 LuckyBolt    1,083

I don't know about the people they were chanting at, so it's hard to justify this, but in all honesty, these people are idiots, and so is anyone else who openly chants this stuff.  It's rude and inciting hate and violence towards others.  Keep it to yourself and quit gloating.  It's making all of us look very bad.
I agree with stricter border protection, and yes, even a thoroughly built structure to prevent illegal migration.  But let's keep that as business and procedure left to the government and not go parading around like drunk idiots, chanting at people who are probably ok to tour through America and even apply for citizenship.  They allow us to visit their lands and cruise around.  The Mexican people I know who live in that area (whom I know well because I go there often) are some of the most kind, gentile, welcoming and helpful people I've ever known.

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