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Off Grid Lady

We cannot stop Pedogate unless we are FEARLESS.

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 sybdragon    954
57 minutes ago, Off Grid Lady said:

This is short and sweet, but you'l want to have your tissues ready.



What is sad is just what this girl said. She told. Someone knew. And did nothing. You will find that some of the time, it is a known fact that the family covers up for the pedo. The child is always not considered when they are covering up for the pedo. The pedo could get charges and they had a family to support and it's really disgusting to hear the excuses some people will make. I've heard them. I almost puked. I could not believe it. I was shocked and very, very angry and I threatened them all with jail too. All of them. WTF? Sick, just sick... I did call social services on them. I never did hear what happened. Sick people in this world. Their own flesh and blood too. I got a few stories of people I've known in my life about child sex abuse in blood families. Wives say they were totally shocked it happened and they... anyway, 20 years or more of marriage? you don't know your hubby is abusing your 3 kids? ok... yeah... whatever... :rolleyes:

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 Cinnamon    16,047

There comes a time when losing everything doesn't matter if you are faced with slavery. 

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