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Chattanooga shooting as Jade Helm gets underway

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 rockytyme    0

I completely agree..... Why in the world would someone target a Marine Recruit Center.....?  Honestly think about that?  Unless you wanted to get the military pissed off?  maybe?  A lot of military are being told that they must sign a document that says that they will kill american citizens if need be.....  This just makes it easier for them to now sign this document.....

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Totes guys, right there with you. Not buying it for one second. Maybe people died, maybe not, but good chance it was a staged  synthetic terror attack created to further an agenda. Most likely to increase the public support of invading Middle Eastern country x, y or z, or as mentioned, to lead up to martial law & maintain power. 

But wait! ISIS is going to get us!! They are just like... Al Qaeda!! :balk2: It seems like 911 took most of their thunder so they will need a MAJOR crisis to continue this pattern. 

The war on terror IS the new war on drugs. 



911 was the coup. Just look at who they killed in the attacks. 


It's on America, stand strong. It is the 99% vs the 1%. The house of cards WILL fall. From the episode of Caravan to Midnight Episode 309, do not show fear, that's what the system feeds off of. 



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