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These Events will Leave You Speechless

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 Ukshep    17,048
4 hours ago, Cinnamon said:

We move forward in generations in a year... instead of decades. 

Sounds about right! Things move so fast now. I think its every 2 years now. If if the guy says every 5!

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 sybdragon    1,363
8 hours ago, Cinnamon said:

We move forward in generations in a year... instead of decades. 

And back to my religious stuff. At around 2:30 or so it hit me... Really that is very interesting... The future is not in national governments but in city governments. Even had a conference on that and all, with the big cities governments from around the world attending.... I hate to say it but :cry: really? really? wow.

For the religious out there that are watching. Babylon the Great has fallen, has fallen.... The world mourns her and all her treasures... I am thinking that Babylon in Iraq is going to be the city-state of the future here. And it will be the literal city of Babylon reborn that falls.

Around 4min mark they start taking about how they are advancing in artificial eggs. If GMOs and birth control pills are making people sterile (I have no proof, just stories I've read and heard about to come to this conclusion, my opinion), they would have to figure out a way to keep the human race going. And if they want to incorporate electronics into an embryo.... just saying some weird stuff is going on and this is Days of Noah stuff to me. Corruption of the genome. Around the 8min, designer babies. Just gross I tell ya. Gross. :ohmy: 

7:58 and I quote: "" So 70 years ago, Alex Huxley anticipating the transformation of human life through advances in biology... as the final... and most searching revolution... and asserted, "This really revolutionary revolution is to be achieved not in the external world but in the SOULS and FLESH of human beings." "" This man is scary and he talks until the end. Well worth listening to him. Scary stuff if you are looking for the DAYS of NOAH. They must be here before anything else happens. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end. Yes, I fixated on that phrase. :gsbrnint:

Around 7min, they mention Iran and Russia being the two to watch. I don't think so much. We do but it's because they are opposite NATO. The lines are drawn out clearly there. Turkey is jumping around but the other countries seem to be settled in with their side picked. I consider China a greater threat to the USA.

7:25, bird flu in China. I do think they can make a biological weapon that selects individuals to kill off and doesn't touch others. Biological weapons are always a threat. From everyone.


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 Bobbers    199

I kept thinking "this is going to end up as feudalism, whatever the level of organization, it'll be a feudal system."

Which brought me no comfort whatsoever.

I am sick to death of "book smart/street stupid" know-it-all types who dream up, with no experience or basis in fact, an idea that they then, with the help of their similarly maladapted ilk, conflate into an agenda for action.

I so desperately want to have all high school students educated about the concept of "unintended consequences" with the hope that if we can establish that "filter" we might see a future return to something we used to call common sense.

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