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Is there a giant “Death Star” crater on Pluto’s moon Charon?

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Is there a giant “Death Star” crater on Pluto’s moon Charon?

Southeast of the dark plains of “Mordor” located on the surface of Pluto’s moon Charon,  a ‘death star’ crater may be lurking in the shadows! :)

[No, this is not a strange sci-fi script by the way lol]

Not a science fiction novel, this is actual reality, and we may be looking at a possible giant craters edge which can be seen on the “Eastern” limb of Charon (seen below).

If the long line is the side view of a giant crater, it most likely will appear similar to the “death star” crater on Saturn’s moon named Mimas.


When one views a circular shape from just under a 45 degree angle, the edge of the circle will appear “flat” like a line.

Thus, this indeed could be a very large crater of some kind.

Only time will tell, and several more high resolution pictures of course.

Full article:

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