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Today Is the First Day of the Great American Purge

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Today Is the First Day of the Great American Purge

15 Jul, 2015 by Dave Hodges


Read the rest of the article in the link above.


Today, is the first “official” day of Jade Helm. This is beginning of the Great American Purge.

Since mid-March, I have written over 100 articles, have done 85 interviews and I have also interviewed such notables as Steve Quayle, John B. Wells, Paul Martin, Doug Hagmann and former Army Special Operations Officer, Scott Bennett. and it now time to to recap what I have learned in this time.

What the Obama Administration Tried to Make Us Believe

For the past three years, I stated that a precipitous false flag operation(s) would take down the American economy necessitating the need for martial law. However, I have always been quick to point out that martial law was merely a means to obliterate the Constitution so the American people would be powerless to refuse to fight in the megabankers final war of economic and political unification as well as having that war to serve as an instrument of depopulation.

When it comes to Jade Helm 15, the administration and their disinformation minions would have us believe that the entire sum of the operation would involve less than 1,200 personnel and only take place in seven states. By the end of March, those who were honestly reporting on Jade Helm knew that both of these statements were a lie.


Also on March 27, we witnessed waiting white vans designed to transport these (actors) political dissidents to their new residences at the nearby FEMA camps. These van have also been seen traveling through select neighborhoods through out the country. This political extraction drill, held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. exposed to two lies: (1) Jade Helm was not supposed to start until July 15 and (2) Jade Helm was only in 7 states. Florida was not on the original Jade Helm maps and documents. It was on March 27, 2015, that I knew that America had a big problem and reported that fact on the Fox News Kate Dalley Show and to a Houston radio station on that date.


The Composition of the Jade Helm Forces

When I discovered that Special Forces from every branch of the military were involved in Jade Helm along with conventional units, such as the 82nd Airborne, it sent chills up my spine. First, I learned from my sources that this is the first time that conventional military forces have trained in an interactive manner with Special Forces.  This revelation opened up the floodgates and I heard from former Navy Seals, Army Rangers, etc., who were now very concerned about Jade Helm, when before they thought this was just another conspiracy theory. 

The presence of the Jade Helm divergent forces speaks to:

1. Extraction or assassination of political dissidents (a hallmark function of Special Operations forces).

2. The imposition of martial law.

Walmart Complicity Exposed

There is a pseudo-journalist with ulterior motives from Big Spring, Texas who would have the public believe the laughable tale that Jade Helm is only in 7 states and less than 1,200 personnel are involved in the entire drill and that nothing, whatsoever is suspicious is going on at the Walmarts that were allegedly closed for plumbing problems. Yet, I was fortunate enough to have on the ground observers and reporters, such as Marlon Brock, also from Big Spring, TX., who brought another level of integrity and accuracy to the reporting on the duplicitous involvement of Walmart’s involvement in Jade Helm.

Marlon sent me a number of stunning photographs from the Midland, Texas Walmart. Remember, Walmart was only supposed to be closed for six months for plumbing problems. Marlon Brock exposed how far along the fixing solving of these plumbing problems have progressed.

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