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Firefox has blocked all versions of Flash Player by default until adobe gets their shit together

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 CSB    1,665

Mozilla's support team has made the dramatic but justified decision to block all versions of Flash Player from Firefox until Adobe releases a patch.

The block, announced by head of Firefox support Mark Schmidt, comes in response to the recent discovery of two critical zero-day flaws in Flash Player.

"BIG NEWS!! All versions of Flash are blocked by default in Firefox as of now," Schmidt tweeted. He added a link to Firefox's add-ons page which details that the Flash Player Plugin (the most current and vulnerable version) has been blocked for users' protection.


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 CGK    2,188

Good job Firefox. I manually disabled flash a couple of days ago when I realized adobe cant seem to come up with a security patch.

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Interesting since I noticed long before this that embed tinychat(which uses flash) doesn't seem to ever work in firefox...but worked in the old opera browser(ver 12) and worked fine in IE and other browsers too. hmm.

Personally i think it is about time flash got passed on and everyone coded for HTML5. It would mean broader support...heck stuff would work on for instance my limited WiiU browser( i think this is the NETFRONT BROWSER)here which I have been posting from since I have no PC at the mo.

HTML5  really needs to get going. It was promised to replace flash....what's taking so long? Needs to take off and leave regular ol flash behind.

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