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pre jade helm

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 jayke911    105

people if something crazy happens, look at it positively.  Will the government start shit abd expose themselves? maybe... no hopefully I can't wait fur it to be done!!! the chance to rid ourselves of unwantish leaders.  Will it be Russian takeover? good tell them it took long enough, hurry up and lose Russia!!! Will it be a Yellowstone supervolcano? Fine, I don't know about you but I'm damn proud to have lived my life, right abd wrong doings.  Will it be angelic or demonic armegeddon?  great I can't wait tu fight that battle I've heard about my whole life, fight with modi abd Jesus. or hell maybe I'm on Satan's side.  Will it be a devastating life ending comet? I'd be proud it took a comet from millions of miles away to end humankind, abd NOT us ending ourselves via nuclear war.  Will it be economic collapse?  Fucking awesome my debt is gone, abd the rich elite lose all that they didn't work for!!! sweeeeet.  

regardless, be ready, be proud, abd i know you are.  I myself always said to live in a life with zombie outbreak would be insane.  played all those video games, abd watched all those horror flicks.  to live it, I mean, it literally is once in lifetime opportunity.  imagine to see others in heaven n say you were there fur the outbreak.  Elvis looking at you like r u serious, abd you say yeah I was there!

it's time mother fuckers, start your shit.  we the American people chosen again... chosen fur what?  idk but I see everyone except American citizens practicing.  trust me were ready, abd ready fur change we are.

Fur the preppers, are you sure you did well. hope you also prepared fur someone to rob you of your supplies... renig that, I hope you prepared for everyone to knock on your door abd steal your shit.

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