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Fourth echelon

Dear customers: That Minion isn't cursing. Sincerely, McDonald's

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(Reuters) - McDonald's Corp is standing by its latest Happy Meal toy, denying that its Minions are the foul-mouthed playthings that some of its fast-food customers say they are.

In videos posted online, some customers said they heard a curse when, by tapping one of the tiny plastic caveman characters against a hard surface, they activated its voice. Some commenters wrote they heard the words: "What the fuck."

"To me, it sure doesn't sound like anything a kid should be hearing," one commenter said on a YouTube video post.

The restaurant chain on July 3 introduced a Happy Meal line of the toys inspired by the animated film "Minions," a prequel to the "Despicable Me" movies that feature the small, yellow, gibberish-talking characters.

In a statement, McDonald's denied the toy used bad language, and a company spokeswoman said there was no plan to pull the toy from distribution.


what the f/ck?:rJwJ7w9:


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 rbear    240

I know someone who has many of these things. I never heard it till you start yelling at at and it kind of yells back. Made me go like wtf before being told what it was. Definitely weird indeed.

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 GoodBees    51

Whether or not this toy actually makes a sound that sounds like fuck is unimportant.

LOL, if people are afraid of "curse" words, then humanity might as well be considered to still be in the dark ages.  It seems we have a lot of real problems that we need to find solutions for, but some people, mostly fundamentalist religious types, try and find problems where none exist.

Although I agree that the only power that words have is the power that we give them, I don't think that kids should be taught to verbalize like ignoramus's. The f word is a verb but it is commonly and moronically used as an adjective when it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. "that physical act of sexing thing" Does that statement make sense? Of course it doesn't. Or how about this: what the physical act of sex!

Aside from the shear stupidity that has been infused into our language by our lovely zio media over the years it is also inappropriate for children to be exposed to sexual innuendo. We should just let children be children, they can think about sex when they are old enough to understand it and experience it for themselves.

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