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Increase upvote ability.

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I know, I'm too new to ask for things, but  I'm also a part of the entitlement generation, so can I please upvote more? I find myself lacking on giving all props to the point I have to remember to upvote ppls post the next day, and you can see how that cycle compounds. I get not letting this place run away like Reddit did. But alot are coming in a flood of those that are giving up on reddit. So, like 8? 8 good? 10 if you like deca like that. I'm not saying ulimitated. But a few more than five. If not, still coolies, happy with this place. Feels like true tin. If so, thank you in advance.

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 Katz    48

I really like that feature since it's based on individual posts rather than an overall rating.  It gives a clearer view on true rep rather than mere popularity.

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