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Watch And Learn What An Economic Collapse Looks Like

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 Cinnamon    24,769


What can we do to prepare for a Greek-style collapse?

The answers can be found by observing the goings-on in Europe.

1.) Get your money out of the control of others. It’s probably obvious by now that the phrase  “money in the bank” no longer rings with the same certainty that it used to. Your money is ONLY yours if you hold it in your hand. Your retirement and savings accounts can be plundered. We watched it happen in Cyprus and we’re about to witness it in Greece. Keep enough to pay expenses like mortgage, property taxes, etc., and put the rest into different types of assets. Hold precious metals and tangible goods. Learn more about financial strategies for preppers HERE.ir?t=grec629-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1612434037

2.) Prep by stocking up on things that may not be available tomorrow. Right now, the folks in Greece are learning the same difficult lesson the people in Venezuela have learned. Shortages in necessities closely follow economic crises. Now is the time to stock up on tangible goods like food, seeds, ammo, and personal items.  Learn how to build a pantry on a budget HERE.ir?t=grec629-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1508952809

3.) Start producing. It’s time to channel your grandparents and learn to provide for your own basic needs. Self-reliance is the key to surviving an economic collapse. If you don’t already possess these skills, learn to garden, preserve, sew, and build. No matter where you are, there are steps you can take to produce things for yourself. Check out this roadmap to self-reliance.ir?t=grec629-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1496092589

4.) Learn to be less reliant on public utilities. We’re already seeing this happen in cities like Detroit, where thousands are living without running water. I’m not suggesting that you invest in expensive generators – because it’s unlikely, should an all-out collapse occur you’ll be able to acquire fuel to run them. You need to learn to live with less energy. Invest in renewable items like solar lighting. If you can, have a well installed on your property. Learn to stay warm and cool without electrical power. This is not about the grid completely going down – it’s about that moment when your budget is so tight you have to make a choice between keeping a roof over your head and keeping the lights on. Being able to greatly reduce your usage could mean the difference between being able to afford your power bill and sitting there in the dark.

5.) Be prepared to defend your home and family. As the situation becomes more critical, you can expect chaos to ensue. First, there are the rioters who pillage and destroy as part of the mob mentality. When everyone is focused on survival, you can’t expect cavalry to arrive in the form of 911. Secondly, as supplies become more difficult (or impossible) to acquire, it’s a pretty sure bet that people will want what you have. We need only to flash back to any number of “Black Friday” sales to see what a determined mob of shoppers looks like – and those folks aren’t even hungry. Here’s how to get prepared to protect your supplies, your homestead, and your loved ones.ir?t=grec629-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1612431151

When collapse is the question, self-reliance is the answer



More at link above.

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