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Amazing drone footage shows 'alien' crop circles close to Stonehenge

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 Cinnamon    14,371

Is it aliens? Or is it just people pulling off hoaxes? Whatever it is, they're intricate and beautiful and very strange. Go to the link to see the drone video footage of a different crop circle than the one pictured below.



The group said: "At first glance we see two interesting looking crop circles that are bound to delight the crop circle enthusiasts that are looking forward to spending a summer wandering the fields of England.




Mysterious: Crop Circles


"What’s not to like? They are both very alien looking and a separation from the type of designs we have seen so far this year.

"But are these circles mysterious? In our opinion, no they’re not.

"By far the most common comment we have received about these designs is that they are very “alien looking”. We have had a number of people ask the MrGyro team what the “meaning of the circles could be?” Where did they come from? “Are they real?”




Pattern: It unclear what causes the patterns

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