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Pentagon working on a plane 5X speed of sound

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So and? Just something to spend another $$$$ Trillion $$$$ or so on that end up not actually needing or does not work half as well as promoted by the contractor. Not like it you can have a human pilot with a airframe with wings on it moving at ultrasonic speeds at the G-forces it would push on to a human body and do dogfight maneuvers. It will basically just be a remotely piloted cruise missile type drone.

Basically just another boonboggle military project like the shitty 1.5 Trillion dollar F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that turns out according US combat pilots not even as good as the old and supposedly outdated F-16 Fighting Falcon.

By the way I can safely say the US military already has multi-speed of sound breaking aircraft. Take the SR71 BLackbird for instance. That was a spy plane back in 1971 that was pushing Mach 3.2. That was over 40 years ago and the SR71 was retired from service in 1990.

Mach 3.2 back in 1971. Think about it. The US military does not allow military equipment to be seen unless it's outdated and something better has replaced it. So the US military would not willfully leak out a classified aircraft protect they are working on unless they meant to leak it out.

Kind of like the fact the F-117 Nighthawk bomber that dropped the infamous laser guided bomb down the air shaft in the 1st Gulf War 1991. That classified plane was being tested in 1974. So was the jet powered B-2 bomber was classified right up till 1988 even though the 1st jet powered Northrop design was being tested in 1949.

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 roadtoad2    84

Another thread stealer. I knew a SR-71 pilot. My Uncle was one of the original Vice Presidents of Lockheed.

And that 'Northrop design' of 1949 came from the Nazis

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