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Families of Charleston ‘Shooting Victims’ Each Given $3,000,000 Days After Event! Active Shooter Drill Same Day!

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As posted By conspiracyclub - Jul 2, 2015

Countless people have died in America and have received zero compensation from the government.  Why did these nine families get such a huge payout and before a trial finding anyone guilty?  Why did the church, a bloody, messy crime scene reopen only four days after these alleged shootings?  Just like 911, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook and other alleged mass shootings/bombings there was a drill taking place on the same day.  Come on!!!

Skip past the ads, there’s a few, and hear the facts all pointing to yet another false flag.

At this point, pondering if any mass killings are false flags is a waste of time.  They all are.  All the world’s a stage.


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