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Video - Greece Banks Robbing It’s Citizens Bank Accounts Now!

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By ET WILLIAMS - Published on Jul 4, 2015

Problem is that Greece is extremely small financial wows than what the US Government and state and local governments are in. The USA is 1,000,000 times worse off than What Greece is and only reason Greece is falling apart before your eyes is the fact that Greece is not a world military superpower and the benefit of their national currency being the "World's" trading currency. Fact of the matter is that the US government alone is if you add up all the nation debt that is shown on and off the books it numbers in to over 200 TRILLION debt.

Wait till All those nations that are joining the BRICS finally pull completely out of trading in US dollars. No one will be left to buy the USA's debt then if you think what is happening to Greece is bad just wait till it all pans out and see how bad financial wows hit the USA.

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