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lies our govt told us

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 CSB    1,665

I added this link to my interests book marks folder . Thank you !

But wouldn't have been easier to list the truths ?  :huh:

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"our" government??? :DWsKVPL:hmm  . . . OUR??

You mean our puppet regime, I think. The NWO has been in the driver's since 1776. Maybe the head knockers actually let us vote in a new President now and then. Probably not.

Democrat, Republican -- the same product under a different label -- do as instructed. When an uppity POTUS messes with the Bank of England (aka Federal Reserve, other financial deals), he may get a warning shot, like Reagan did. Lincoln and JFK did not realize that a national currency would ever be tolerated by the global banksters.  They did not follow orders. So they were dealt with.

The Rothschild-Rockefeller Zionists are OUR government. The US is a puppet. Israel is a puppet. Etc.

Of course we've been lied to all these years. We are cattle to them. They herd us with their laws, their schools,  their propaganda outlets in the media, their health "care" system, their manufactured wars and terror acts, and their entertainment industries -- all to keep us drugged, dumb, and docile, as David Icke calls us.


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