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Scientists discover oldest Jesus lizard in Wyoming

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NEW YORK, July 2 (UPI) -- Researchers have discovered an ancient relative of the modern Jesus lizard, named for its ability to walk on water as in the biblical story of Jesus Christ.

"This is the modern Jesus lizard living 48 million years ago," Jack Conrad, a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History, told the Washington Post. "It's very, very similar. It tells us this group has been around a lot longer than we thought, and it diversified a lot more than we thought."

The lizard's remains were discovered by museum curator Christian Sidor in the Bridger Formation, a section of the Rocky Mountains that runs through Wyoming. The fossil is five million years older than the previous oldest-discovered Jesus lizard. While the fossil only reveals the head and upper extremities, researchers believe the similarities between it and other Jesus lizards are enough to expect water-worthy feet.

The newly discovered species has been named Babibasiliscus alxi.


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 Lucy Barnable    2,676

They're so cute. :wub:


Green Basilisk Lizard – The Jesus Christ Lizard. The Green Basilisk Lizard – also known as the plumed or double-crested basilisk – has evolved to be able to run across the surface of water without sinking. Can the basilisk lizard really walk on water? What makes it possible?

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