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US military morale is reportedly at 'rock bottom' again

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Military Times poll found Obama's popularity at a dismal 15 percent among soldiers.

Since 2009, $287 million has been spent on programs aimed at improving morale within the US military, which has shouldered two major overseas combat deployments over the past decade.

But these efforts may have been largely fruitless, as 52% of soldiers across all branches remain "pessimistic about their future in the military," according to an April USA Today report.

For decades, analysts have consistently reported on supposedly declining US military morale, even before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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Maybe its because the soldiers don't like being used to further jew and corporate interests. Then again being used to oppress the civilian population and infringe on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights for a bunch of scumbag globalist shitstains would not go over with me. Hey how about turning the military on the pieces of shit in DC that have brought on the problems in the first place. Start with anybody in office with  dual citizenship all foreign think tanks, PACs turn the UN into public housing, burn down the fed res, irs, dhs , and any other patriot act bullshit agency. With all the money saved from dumping israel  and corporate wars . The vets could get the care they need. That would probably improve the moral of the

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Im sure fighting and dying so that biden 's son could be in charge of fracking Ukraine is high on the minds of the Soldiers. Then again attacking Iran because some warmongering cunt is delusional is not worth one drop of American blood or treasure.

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