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Violation Of The 4th

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The 4th amendment in the Constitution Definition :  The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects personal privacy, and every citizen's right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion into their persons, homes, businesses, and property -- whether through police stops of citizens on the street, arrests, or searches of homes and businesses. 

See more at: http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-rights/search-and-seizure-and-the-fourth-amendment.html#sthash.NV6zuCgw.dpuf

Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home

Much to the surprise of the general public, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of expanded the ability of law enforcement to search without warrants.



The U.S. Supreme Court has not the authority to over rule the Constitution !!!!!


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 CSB    1,665

They crossed this line a long time ago! That they did and I am looking forward to my next adventure being that the American people put up with this crap ..


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