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Rothschild's Water Wars, Vaccinations & Future Cities

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 CSB    2,162

I was not sure where to put this so I will start here; this is becoming a issue here in America .

It is 45 min. long but worth the time !

Its all about control . The World is in Deep shit because of all this Zionist crap...It's time for the World to come together and remove this Trash from it....It's the Bottom Line....

Deborah Tavares with Joyce Riley in The Power Hour, June 2, 2015.
On Global Take-Over of Public Water Resources by the International Bankers; Primary Water; The Illusion of Water Scarcity is based on Genocide Programs; California's Manmade Drought; Secondary Water is the Atmospheric Polluted Water Cycle; Overweight problem in the United States is related to the environmental weaponisation; Moammar Gaddafi's Man-Made River Project bombed by Rothschild's NATO; Rothschild's Pacific Gas & Electric; Rothschild's "Smart" Water Meters; Intentional scheme to poison the ground water; YouTube video "Water Wars - Stealing Water for Profit and Power"; The Report from Iron Mountain; Depopulation; YouTube video "Ted The Terrible Turner"; "New Water for a Thirsty World"; Commodify & Commodification; The NASA War Document; Christina Figueres of Rothschild's United Nations (UNFCCC); Rothschild's PG&E and Rothschild's Edison International and Rothschild's Southern California Edison; Rothschild's CPSC; Rothschild's PG&E and the Colorado River; Erin Brockovich vs Rothschild's PG&E; Rothschild's Water Treatment Plants; Rothschild's Goldman Sachs & "Sustainable Growth"; "Water Markets USA Global Intelligence"; The movie Chinatown; DO NOT SIGN ANY VOLUNTARY WATER REDUCTION CONTRACTS ! ; Forced Vaccinations and "Parens Patriae" ("The Government is our parent"); Rothschild's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Dr. Andrew Mulden on vaccinations; Dr. Rauni Kilde on biomedical implants in vaccinations; Earthquakes and Primary Water; YouTube video "Kill Ark Storm"; Rockefeller's "Resilient Cities"; Quay Valley; and more.

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 YourMom2    1,354

The elite used to get busted in mainstream media and their monopolies dismantled before they bought up all the newspapers. The Rothchilds and Rockefellers are still around but only reported in alternative media. Their front men are George Soros (Hungarian Jew born as Gyorgy Schwartz) and a laundry list of Khazars.


The agenda 21 land grab is part of the larger picture to reallocate resources as they see fit and the herding of the sheep from their rural land.

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