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A really stupid Argument

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"How about this: The rod was originally defined as taking 16 men exiting a church on a Sunday morning and measuring their feet end to end. Why not 16 women, or 8 men and 8 women, or not exiting a buddhist temple? This is blatant sexual and religious discrimination right there!


I agree that the imperial system is an outmoded system...  But the above argument is just fucking stupid, And its stupid for this reason.

There were no Buddhist temples, Muslim mosques, or any fucking thing else in the UK or anywhere else in Europe at the time in that regard, when the rod was "defined".

People didn't go to other countries back then, There was no "immigration", and there was no "European vacation".... there was no "visiting china".... there was none of that, at all, period.


If you went to another country back then, you there with a musket and a bayonet, to KILL the local military forces with... that's the only reason why one would have been outside of their country back then.

There was no "diversity".. none, at all.

How their countries operated, what their culture was, how they lived... it was the was world to them, and everything they did reflected who they are, INCLUDING defining the Rod.

And also, back when the Rod was defined, Church as with the rest of Society, was lead by men and not women... and Church is what people did back then on Sundays in the UK, in the Christian world.

So while the Rod is an outdated measurement that belongs to an entire outdated line of measurements... that is the most stupid, and ASSHOLE statement I ever heard, about the Imperial System.

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