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Govt Declares War On Alternative Medicine

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 YourMom2    1,274

I think it should be legally available for medicinal purposes or for recreational use as alcohol is. If controlled in the same way as alcohol, then you'd be able to grow at home (like brewing your own beer) or buy commercially through licensed distributors. It would eliminate most of the criminal element and "attempt" to limit use to adults or by script for kids.

Since the 60's and 70's, drugs have run wild and now we have an entire culture of people that get stoned daily and champion it's use like it's the greatest thing on the planet. As always, moderation is key.

That aside, natural medicine sidesteps big pharma and that is the REAL reason for tight regulation. A medicated society is highly profitable and puts up little resistance. Is it coincidental that Colorado is the new NWO headquarters?

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