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Daily Beast Writer Goes After Ben Swann for Raising Questions About #Pizzagate

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Plainly, the incessant pushback by shills like Ben Collins from the Daily Beast is precisely why I'm more inclined to believe something is very wrong with Comet Ping Pong Pizza. It isn't the message boards, or the conspiracy theorists, but the strongly worded and smug opinions of people who are always proven wrong that lead me to believe, once again, they're wrong.


Ben Collins from the Daily Beast affixed a tin foil hat onto a picture of Swann, penned a useless article that tried to tie him to the MUH Russians, and then bitched about some of Swann's previous work and the fact that no one at CBS Atlanta took his calls.


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But of course, you can never question the msm and their "investigations". Screw these people. Alt media has now basically taken over msm as far as ratings go and people are truly now questioning pizza gate. Way to many unanswered questions that the cops and FBI refuse to answer. Which also shows no investigation ever took place. 


And of of course no comments section on the daily beast who I consider fake news anyway. Id love to tear into the writer of that article. And ask one simple question. How is pizza gate debunked and where are the notes from the investigation. If you can't give a satisfactory answer then stfu and stop lying to the public prick. 

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