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Guitar Doc


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 Guitar Doc    1,203





My handle is Guitar Doc.
I live in New Zealand in the South Island (they must have been tapped out for creativity they day they picked the names for the Islands) but sometimes I will tell people I am from Aotearoa, a series of small islands in the Pacific ocean which is also true.

I am 42 years old and  Male.

I got into conspiracies around the age of 17 because I had always had an interest in UFO's because my home town was a hotspot in the 70's. It was just UFO's up until  then, but then a friend mentioned this tape that had been going around.

The Tape was supposed to be listened to and then copied so other people could hear it and spread it. Perhaps it was one of the first viral CT information, but in those days they were called cover-ups rather than conspiracy theories.

That was my entry point into the rabbit hole that later became my life, a tape purporting to be from an insider to UFO and alien projects being done under the control of a secret organization with the US government. To date I have never met anyone on any of these modern CT boards who has heard of the the tape.

My next big step was a conspiracy box of books given to my friends and I. It had Gary Allen's “None dare call it a conspiracy” series, a CT record (vinyl) The Glass Lie (not even Amazon carries this, you can't find it online anywhere that I have found)  J.A.C. Browns “Techniques of persuasion from brainwashing to propaganda” which we had been told was a banned book in NZ (Amazon carries this and in asking queries of the NZ censors commission they have no record of it being banned) Knights of Bushido an account of Japanese WWII war atrocities (That was banned as well for real in NZ) several books by people in finance predicting the crash that would end money as we know it (pre 1987 which several thought would be the big one) and a collection of CT magazines called Nexus. I was a Nexus reader until 2013.

We devoured them with great interest. Mind expanding stuff.

I come from a small town of around 6000 people. When I was 7 years of my mother became a born again Christian and as a result the kids had to go to church. I left the churches when I was 16 but not before witnessing some very interesting things, people doing things physics says can't be done. (today we would say they were bending or hacking the matrix) I had a detailed and extensive Christian education due to a couple of theological collage trained theologians who really knew their stuff language and history wise.

My friends in the early conspiracy days were all Christians or former Christians and in that time period you couldn't buy a CT book or magazine in a orthodox book store. You could only buy CT books in Christian books stores because they were the only group with independent printing presses.

When people found the orthodox printers would not print their exposures of cover-ups they asked around and found the Christians would as long as it wasn't anything bagging God or Christianity. I think that is why there is such a strong element of Christian people in CT to this day. Many of them read what they were going to print and realized talk of a New World Order was something they already knew of from the book of revelations. For some it sparked something and they too became CT authors spinning it from their perspective.

Barry Smith was Christian evangelist who preached the end of the world under Satan ruling a NWO with the mark of the beast in the tradition of hellfire and damnation to gather new Christians to the churches (something which I have never agreed with. Organized religion as such seems to be at odds with what people are taught how to live according to the words of the New Testament) . Barry had some good information he had gathered over the years before his death, a lot of NWO stuff. He was lead to believe the plan known as Global 2000 would usher in the beginning of a NWO. While he wasn't correct a lot of the information is still accurate enough including people's master numbers (IRD number in NZ or SS number in the USA) through people who had disclosed information to him over the years.

It was pretty heady stuff for a young man and had the added psychological hooks of making a person think they were more clever than other people because we knew something they didn't. That is an element that still runs through CT today in my opinion.

The internet was slow in coming to NZ, didn't really happen (the WWW.) until '96. Previous to them we networked using the fax machine network and enjoyed the novelty of typing to someone somewhere else in NZ. As I had taken a vow of poverty (which I kept up until 2001) I didn't have a PC but my friends did. Some of those early BB CT boards were amazing. So was the editing and control over them by what we thought was the FBI. Some of the most interesting CT's I have ever read were on those boards and sometimes only for a day before they got blanked. That tended to make us think they had to be for real.

I was one of those nutters who believed the collapse of civilization would occur in 2000. That is what the CT mags had been pushing (damn money makers out to suck in young fools like myself) and I had trained by self up as a survivalist during the time period leading up to 2000. Instead of getting a serious job or career I thumbed my nose at all the silly people who were going to lose everything and pursued knowledge of every type I could.

After 2000 I waited a year because you know, they might have just been out by a year.

Getting shafted was one of the best things that happened to me. Instead of believing all the CT theories I became more critically minded and went back to my scientific roots. I learned the art of philosophy (how to argue logically and explore reality with your mind, critical thinking and the use of reason) from my friends who attended university (most achieved their degrees and some got Phd's).

I am familiar with pretty much every CT you have heard of and today I consider myself a CT aficionado.

I was lucky enough not to have to work in my early years which gave me 6 years of doing nothing more than reading everything I could. From the age of 12 I used to read a novel every day and that didn't let up until I was in my 20's where I finally became discriminating in my reading and didn't just read every book I saw (it was that Sara Douglas and the Axis series which did it, they were crap).

My friends and I would spend our days (smoking a lot of weed) throwing up theories and seeing if they could be shot down. If they crashed and burned sometimes there were elements which were still salvageable able to be put into new theories. If they couldn't be shot down they were put in the box of possibilities to be seriously considered. It was one of the most fun parts of my life and everyone taught each other what they had learned from their profession or education.

I am really into theory building and puzzle piece hunting as everyone seems to have a piece of the puzzle but it has seemed to have gone out of vogue these days on CT sites.
The idea was information was being concealed and censored (still is to this day) so we wouldn't be able to know all the information because of this unless a whistle blower dropped it on us, but we could see the shape of the hole left with the information we did know about and be able to deduce the missing piece/pieces.

I look forward to doing this with anyone who has a mind, but you often need to get to know people well as often language is inadequate when delving truly cutting edge ideas which often words and descriptors have not yet been invented for. You need to know what the other person is getting at when they are having to use words to describe something not yet thought of or described before. To date I have yet to find those minds in my 14 years of exploring internet sites. My real life friends are good at it but in internet land I have found no-one capable as yet. But like I said you have to get to know people really well to be able to achieve this, hence my introduction.

I look forward to getting to know everyone on COP and exchanging ideas.

I used to read GuLP for years as it was advertised in a NZ CT mag as the best/biggest CT site on the internet. At that time I only had dial up so I used to read the headlines. After several years I became a poster there and discovered all was not what it seemed.....

After that I investigated CT sites with the co-operation of my brother (now deceased to the CT world) to try and find out what was going on and why. I have had some really out there experiences as a result and been told many time to shut up about what I learned or else, but that has never stopped me.

If anyone has any questions I am more than willing to answer.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I say, let it stand in the Main Forum.

Your raison d'être bio surely belongs where serious ct posters hang out most often. I've never seen anything as good as Shep's design. Mods are few in number but do a great job keeping the content real. Other sites allow any old gibberish, which does nothing but demonstrate how asinine forums have become. Your post, on the other hand, reminds us of how we all ended up in a digital marketplace of ideas. COP has fewer weirdos and trolls than your average ct site.

My own field of interest is science, from suntard to ISON to moon landing hoax to PX to Jade Helm as the first step to Skynet. I'm a doom bunny, a variety of soft doom porn, don't want doom at all really. But there it is, the 800-lb. gorilla that friends and family tune out. 

I have time to read a lot now that I'm retired from teaching English. One of my pet peeves is the murder of language, you know, like, wow, even well-paid tv talking heads using verbals and phrases instead of full sentences. Aha, one more example of the dumbing-down of the peeps.  I frown on drug use, including cannabis, and avoid doctors like the plague. I'm long-winded and opinionated. I like David Icke, am a Sitchin aficionada, and am very glad to see genuine readers and thinkers joining Shep's little club.

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 Guitar Doc    1,203

Thanks for the welcome. I have watched the site for a while after being a little wary from previous sites and I like the format and ideas here. A place where people can post articles and vids as well as the good old forum side as well.


I used to work for a site called Munication where I wrote 3 articles a week under three different names (the owners idea) for 2 years until we got trashed by...intel I suspect. It all went well and I was getting 100K followers reading what I had wrote on FB (part of the marketing campaign) until I started to write about the intelligence community. After that all our FB followers links got delinked from us by FB and who runs their numbers (CIA NSA depending on who you believe). It was quiet crushing and well timed by them, Adsense dumped us viewer numbers went from 100K+ down to 300 just as our start up funding was depleted.


My friend (the site owner) designed websites for a living used to e-mail me and ask me to write articles on what was trending on the net to help raise our hits. I can write about anything from any perspective but I always wrote (on that site) my take on events from what I had learned over the years.

Sorry to Grav if I murder English occasionally. I don't always follow the conventions on forums (my boss used to complain as he wanted to publish my articles in magazines and if it wasn't English perfect I got told off as magazine editors are also English sticklers as their rep is on the line) where you often need to break the rules a little to become a more effective communicator.  A lot of people on forums won't go near anything that looks like a long paragraph these days. To many ideas at once for their cell phone minds.


I don't own a cell phone, never have done and I am hopping to avoid it in this life time. I read the Dutch studies into brain-damage and cell phone use 15 years ago. It was after those reports the manufacturers changed how people use them to keep them away from people's heads as much as possible. Plus I know anyone who challenges the authorities gets tagged and tracked so I make it annoying for them.


In NZ they are even tracking our movements on the roads covertly. I will take a few photo's and write up what I know about it.


NZ is a bit of a test country for the NWO types. They tested GMO corn here. I suspect they thought if it all went wrong they could isolate the country. Echelon was also tested here on a national basis through the two US spy bases here in NZ. Cashless transactions were also tested here nationally and we have cash and cards here to pay for goods and services (been going on so long I forget when it started but it is called eftpost here). The big argri corps tested HGH (human growth hormones) in dairy herds back in 1952 (presumably putting in practise the looted German technology from WWII). I'm sure they have been testing a lot of stuff on us. To make sure it wouldn't kill people straight away they made milk compulsory in primary schools and make medical observations on the health of kids telling everyone it was a health initiative so no-one suspected they were human test subjects.



There are various theories as to why my home town was a UFO hotspot in the late 60's early 70's. We found out there was a US secret project during that time period up in the mountains at a place called the thousand acre plateau but no-one knows exactly what they were doing there.

My home town is place called Westport. The whole area is still a Radar black spot to this day to the complaint of commercial pilots who don't seem to know why. There used to be Radar back in '67. One of my friends who served in the NZ military (did Nam along with a lot of young kiwi soldiers, got some good stories about the CT over there as well)  said he was the operator observer during a joint NZ US exercise in '67. He said according to his radar a craft 3 kms long and 500 meter wide rose up out of the sea and flew up into orbit during that exercise. Not long after that Radar was removed from the area and never returned to this day.


I worked at the local airport for a few years just after I got married ('96) to supplement my government benefit. ( I went from getting $108 a week to $168, my rent was $60 back then. I thought the end of the world was coming so my wife an I enjoyed our retirement early just in case)  The pilots there had some interesting stories as well. One of them had a GF who was the daughter of an NZ SIS (the NZ FBI CIA sort of thing) agent. He said they discussed many things at the dinner table but the one thing that always stuck in my mind was he once told them "There is our world and their world and they make our world" very Philip K Dick. I think he was getting at our public technology is restricted as many had pointed out in the secret US patent laws where any new technology is seized an embargoed for 30 years for national security reasons until it had been explored (exploited by private military contractors more like).



Really looking forward to exchanging ideas here after a few years of brick-walling it on other sites.

My apologies to Grav in advance fro my poor grammar at times. I dropped out of English in the 6th form in NZ. Being a hands on person I thought I would never have to write much in the future at that time (laugh out loud, but on the inside). My teachers wanted to give me a kicking over that but if you have poor handwriting you never get anywhere in English without upsetting some poor marker somewhere. Thank god for spell check, my modern saviour.


I know what it is like to start a CT site and how hard it can be. All your friends say they will come....(tumbleweed)..but....they rarely, if ever, show up.



I have a few SEO ideas given to me by others. One was very interesting. I was once given the list of the 150 sites GuLP uses to cross link their material which increases the hits by search engines. They use those sites to create a web of links and cross posting which appear to increase the hits found by google exponentially.


Lunch time here in NZ.  I better do something real for a while.


Catch up later.

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I also remember you from lop and figured you were American. Sorry.

NZ is supposed to be a preferred place for tptb after shtf. Lucky you, IF they let nonGM people in their haven.

I am not a grammar Nazi, by the way, and I break the rules myself a good bit. It's quality of thought that I look for. And real ct.  See you on the main forum. 

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