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North Carolina School District Requires Parental Permission for Students to Watch Trump Inauguration

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Wisconsin talk radio host Mark Belling of Milwaukee’s WISN (News/Talk 1130) broke the news broke news this past week of a North Carolina school district that is requiring parental permission to view the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.


What kind of trash is this? More of the same left wing ridiculousness. They're taking their loss with dignity, aren't they? 


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The initiators of this hair-brained idea should be forced to have parental permission to cash their salaries and if no parent is available they go without.. Simply ridiculous as it will inevitably be in all the newspapers and on every real and fake news channel across the width and breadth of America.. just an attempt (a feeble one at that) at obfuscation.. 

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parental f**king permission...?

where the f**k is parental permission with vaccines ? and schooling, and gender free toilets?

"they" are taking the f**king piss.

we however, know better, thank f**k.

that's a lot of f**ks for a Sunday night, so i'm going to f**k off to bed right now.

 have a f**king great inauguration day, everyone.


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