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25K reward to anyone who can debunk #Pizzagate

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ATTENTION Pizzagate Deniers:

There is a $25,000 reward to anybody who can successfully debunk every pizzagate accusation on Pizzagate.com.  We are legally obligated to pay up, as rewards are considered to beunilateral contracts.  Please provide citations that do not bounce back to unsourced articles (eg. fake news such as Buzzfeed orCNN).  Leave your identity politics at the door.  This is much bigger than who you voted for.  Whether you are republican or democrat, globalist or nationalist,  we need to work together.  Let us separate fact from fiction to determine the truth.  We all want the truth, right?



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yes we all want truth. The problem is that truth is personal. You can't make people see things that they are not willing to see. We can go on and on explaining to people what this is all about but they don't listen. I ask people sometimes if they know about pizzagate. Most of them don't even know the term 'pizzagate' let alone know what it's all about.

A man I know was talking to me about how Obama saw to it that Osama Bin Laden was killed. I replied that 9/11 was not even a real terrorist-act, that there is a movement 'architects and engineers for the truth about 9/11' that has proven it did not happen as we were told and that it's all a fraud, etc...

This person got really angry to me personally and said I was not right in the head and that I'd better shut up with all my bullshit... While I was about to show him the evidence he started yelling and walked away, as not to be confronted with things that don't fit in his believe-system. 

That's what happens if You tell people things that shatter their paradigm, they get upset and mad or start attacking You personally.

So my conclusion here is: People that don't want to believe are unable to see the truth even when it hits them in the face. They start attacking the messenger and don't even look at the message.:chasetail:

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