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UK Refuses to Sign Paris ‘Peace’ Summit Declaration

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TEL AVIV – In a dramatic development following the Paris peace summit on Sunday, the United Kingdom refused to sign a joint declaration calling for a two-state solution, saying the document may “harden” the Palestinian stance on negotiations.

The UK was notably absent from the conference, which convened representatives and foreign ministers from around 70 nations, including Secretary of State John Kerry; it sent only a junior delegation to act solely in an “observer status.” According to the Guardian, this was a deliberate decision in order to “stay close to Donald Trump’s administration.”


@Cinnamon Check this? allying up?

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Very interesting!  Tommorow's UN Vote (if allowed) quite important:


"Security Council Presents Obama One Last Opportunity to Stab Israel in the Back"

" ... If he allows a vote at the UN to redraw the map to Israel's indefensible pre-1967 borders, Obama will overturn U.S. Israel-policy going back to Lyndon Johnson. The pre-1967 borders would leave the world's only Jewish state less than 9 miles wide, totally compromising their security, and violating the spirit of UNSC Resolution 242 which was worded to eliminate the connotation Israel was expected to give up all of the territories.  ...

SOURCE:  http://www.standardnewswire.com/news/112612071.html



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That was highly predictable considering who is the head of the City of London Cartel which controls the UK and UK government. Mr Rothschild and family controls the City of London Corporation and has done since Wellington defeated Napoleon. The Rothschild Clan is the creators of Modern Israel and hold the title deed to Jerusalem .


Know the Game, know the Players and you can predict accurately what they will do and nothing they have been doing for the last 25 years was not predicted.


Shocked to find the UK is a puppet state for international businessmen?


The City of London corporation was the hangover from Roman occupation. Romans could own property legally and register it as theirs (where the BAR comes from) as well as enter into contracts which would be upheld in a court. The house ******* of the UK became the new leaders of the UK, even if they only really ruled a tiny portion of the UK. They would expand to take it all eventually. But being the house of registration of property and contracts, that was what put them to the top and gave them authority......but Royalty kept stuffing it up until they made them enter into a binding agreement which they were able to be held to under the old Roman Laws which became British law. The Magna Carta, in which everyone would be held to the same rules regardless of wealth or rank.


The Magna Carta was just a bunch of businessmen opposing royalty knowing that without them consenting to be held to Law they could never break them down and take their crown given time. We see this has been a standard practice of dishonest business people through th ages using contracts and Law to rip people off. Because people are denied knowledge of the Law and how it works they were easily ripped off. The lawyers and Judges actually assisted the Business people in this practice which wasn't legal, but if you didn't know the Law and got a Lawyer to defend you (and all Lawyers are in on it) you would think it was all done legitimately.


The City of London Corporation was entered into the authority of the Vatican in 1525AD which further legitimized them in the eyes of the church and state. In this we see under UK commercial Law the Vatican is the final arbiter of disputes should it be required.


The City of London Corporation is separate nation within the UK (By agreement and contract) just as the Vatican is. It is colloquially known as Financial District of London and is not subject to nay acts passed by UK government. It is above the UK Government. In reality they are the real controllers of the UK. They are still headed by a Rothschild. And since Israel is a Rothschild Nation they were never going to support any loss of power or territory.


The UK brainwashing and psychological condition centers (UK Schools designed by Tavistock) they have over there didn't teach any of their students about any of what I related. Just conform, believe what we print in the papers and Media (owned by the City of London Corporation which contains Fleet Street) get a job pay taxes and die quietly without complaining too much please.


Wake up. Tavistock writes the UK schools curriculum. Created the training programs for teachers, created the resource materials used in class rooms and set the educational standards, which have dropped markedly since 1930.


The UK is owned and controlled NOT by the UK people. A poor people who have been psychologically conditioned to not resist.


Operations in Play.

near 50% Brexit, near 50% Trump election. Almost half the population against the other half. See what is being planned to be done to the UK and USA over the next 10 years?

Total social destruction followed by hardline rule justified by Saddam Hussein who is now acknowledged as holding Iraq together by Iron rule which all the University Phd's in social control agree now worked better than democracy or freedom.


They are going to break down US and UK society. We see part of the plan involves introduction of another Culture which has practices that are in conflict with the Cultural Values of the inhabits. This leads to total War in the middle east which will be touted in the west an unable to be won unless we killed every Muslim and middle east on the planet. After that the Rothschilds will reclaim the middle east after 600 years of exile.


It should also be noted the UK royal Family is a member of the City of London Corporation and they also hold the ownership of all commonwealth and former commonwealth nations as recorded at the S.E.C.

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