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What a Dog and Pony Show

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 CSB    1,660

This flag is being used to generate civil unrest by the powers to be . And to I see it being used as a tool to keep people from real issues . I wont waste my time to post any more info about it unless a civil war starts because of it ...

 All this shit sucks !!!

Brooksville FL Confederate Flag burning.

Really do these marble brain sheeple that want to burn this fag really think racism will stop and kill the southern love for it ?  It will never happen !!!

Do these sheeple really think Abraham Lincoln freed the southern black slaves ? Well he didn't he just made it illegal to own people but then put everyone in slavery and made Banks and government exempt from it .. :fshit:But I am not laughing



photo 16h41i02_zps5faa8c51.gif  CSB  






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